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Welcome to Hist 6120: Rulers and Regions-England, France, and the Low Countries, c.950-1350. Students wanting to learn more about the course should consult the following links:

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Course Description
This course will examine the history of medieval England and France from 1050-1400, covering both classic works and cutting-edge scholarship. It will focus on the theme of "rulers and regions." It will include the development of distinct regions of France and England (and neighboring areas in northwestern Europe), including the rise of principalities, attempts to establish royal power, notions of ethnicity, political identity, and order. It will also consider the possibilities for doing research on the various regions.

Tower of Saint-Denis
Tower of Saint-Denis

How to Use This Page
Students should familiarize themselves with the syllabus and all of the items available under "course info" which contains course specific handouts, advice, and assignments. The syllabus and this page will be updated during the semester and these changes will be noted on the announcements page.

Course Objectives
This course will prepare doctoral and master’s students to take research seminars on medieval history. This course will also help MA students develop a reading list for a medieval field examination and help PhD students develop their readings for comprehensive examinations. For those interested in medieval studies, this course will also familiarize them with scholarly debates in medieval history. For non-medieval historians, the course will provide grounding in English and French schools of historical thought that influence European history generally.

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