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Welcome to Hist 6820:
Writing and Reckoning in the Middle Ages, 1000-1300

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Course Description
This course examines the impact of literacy and numeracy on ideas and behavior in the high Middle Ages. It will consider broad changes in record-keeping, the use of written instruments, and the creation of archives and also examine particular types of documents and explore their uses by medieval people and modern historians in a series of case studies. Some treatment given to related subjects such as memory, orality, law, and fiscality.

Charter of Henry II Plantagenet, from 1165-72, granting an annual rent of 10,000 herring to the Saint-Père-de-Chartres. (ENC, AF426)

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Students should familiarize themselves with the syllabus and all of the items available under "course info" which contains course specific handouts, advice, and assignments. The syllabus and this page will be updated during the semester and these changes will be noted on the announcements page.

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