About WMU
Western Michigan University is a learner-centered, research university, building intellectual inquiry and discovery into undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in a way that fosters knowledge and innovation, and transforms wisdom into action. As a public university, WMU provides leadership in teaching, research, learning, and service, and is committed to enhancing the future of our global citizenry.


Nationally and internationally recognized, the University aspires to distinguish itself as learner centered, discovery driven, and globally engaged.

Western Michigan University offers experiences that enable discovery, and promote creativity and research. We are committed to pursuing inquiry, disseminating knowledge, and fostering critical thinking that encourages life-long learning. Our scholarship creates new knowledge, forms a basis for innovative solutions, leads to economic development, and makes substantial contributions to society.

You may have heard about WMU's music school having an exceptional reputation. Alicia can vouch first-hand. She's been studying privately with a Western professor for two years, so making the decision to attend the university was easy. Alicia is a huge believer in one-on-one learning, and she relishes that here. Add the many performing opportunities and ensembles, plus the ability to double major in both vocal performance and music education, and it's as if Western was created just for Alicia. She aspires to be an opera performer and also plans to open her own studio where she will give one-on-one training to students.