Collegiate Objective
I am currently pursuing a CIS (Computer information systems) degree from Western Michigan University. My objective is to obtain the current skills to follow my passion of not only computer programming, but a slight business advantage as well. Along with my massive skill of technology, I have a business savvy mentality to accompany me, which could take me a long way within this degree. To accompany the Bachelors I am currently working towards, I would like to finish my collegiate career with a masters in it as well, taking me a well long time to finish college. Working through, I would like to obtain and graduate at the very least a 3.5 GPA. Also I am looking to partake in internships that would teach me how to be successful in the career I have chosen to follow. One of the better internships I'm shooting for is with either Microsoft or Apple, mainly because I've learned so much about the two companies and what they focus on. Or another passion I have is film. i would love to be a film developer or editor. I have a passion for film and cinematography and would love to endure in a career doing things with it. I am aware the difficulties I'll have to face to make it to where I am headed, but with the right mind set and determination, anything is possible.