Effects of Advertising

I am going into Advertising and Promotion. Not only does advertising have a big effect on a company and their products it also has a big impact on the people exposed to the advertising media. In Mann’s book “Advertising: Media, Marketing and Consumer Demands : Advertising : Types, Trends and Controversies” she explores the effects of media on children and how it shapes them. As an advertiser you have a lot more power than one thinks. What you put out there shapes the generations to come.

“Today, since television advertisements have an important and effective role in the conscious raising of children who will be socialized as the consumers of the future, we are confronted by the imperative to focus on television ads” (Mann, 2011).Mann concludes that from a focus group ages 12-14 on average girls watch more television commercials then boys do. This goes in an accordance to the amount of girls that suffer from such diseases as anorexia or body dimorphic. Advertising on television tend to show women that are underweight and do not represent the majority of the public. Kids at that age have very moldable minds and are easily fooled into thinking that these woman on T.V ads are what they are supposed to look like. Advertising can be used for good and bad.

In conclusion when you work in advertising you have a lot more responsibility then you would originally think. Mann emphasizes the importance of television advertisements and how they can severely effect the mind of a young child.


Mann, E. (2011). Advertising: Media, Marketing and Consumer Demands : Advertising : Types, Trends and Controversies. New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.