The Internet as a Research Tool: Dispelling the Myths

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This site was created as a part of a workshop presentation at the 1998 Computers and Writing Conference, held in Gainsville, Florida in May 1998. Besides being useful for the conference, our goal with this site is that it "lives on" as resource for teachers, students, and other researchers interested in using the Internet as a research resource.

Table of Contents:

 Using Search Engines and Indexes

Other Useful Search Tools and Indexes
 General Reference Materials (Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc.)
Links to Libraries and Related Sites How to Cite Internet Sources Testing Credibility of Web Resources
Rhetoric and Writing Links especially for Students  Rhetoric and Writing Links especially for Teachers   Links Especially About C&W 98 at the University of Florida
On-line Writing Labs and Centers Making Web Pages and HTML Tips  News Sources and "Infotainment"

About this page and Credits

Search Engines and Indexes

There are a variety of search services available on the Web; here are just a few links to some popular sites and resources. To improve the possibilities of your search, you should look at the "help" or "search tips" pages that each search service makes available. Also, check out the indexes of information listed by subject, which often exerpts some of the best information.

Other Useful Search Tools and Indexes

While these sources don't have the same amount of information available as the big search devices noted above, they offer some particularly useful starting points.

General Reference Materials

Dictionaries, encyclopedias, other sorts of handy references you might have in paper form on your desk, etc.

Links to Libraries and Related Sites

Of course, one of the points of the presentation at C&W 98 is to stike a balance between Internet sources and more traditional library sources. Many libraries are on line; here are a few examples of useful library oriented sites.

Citing Internet Sources 

It's difficult to provide definitive guidelines for citing the materials that you find on the Internet because the "rules" for citation of on-line materials are still being developed and debated. But in general, you should try to include as much of the "traditional" material as possible (author, title, publiser, date of publication, etc.) and two addtional pieces of information: the URL (a Web page address) or other Internet location information and the date on which you accessed the information.

Here are a few of Web pages that explain these guidelines in more detail:

Testing Credibility of Web Resources

Finding information on the Web and figuring out how to cite it is one thing; figuring out whether or not the information is credible is something else entirely. In fact, this not easy to explain issue is essentially the topic of this C&W 98 workshop. Here are some links to web pages that might help test the credibility of your Web resources:

Rhetoric and Writing Links Especially for Students

These are links to resources that are a little bit different from the sort of thing available at on-line writing labs and writing centers. Some of these pages are directed more at professional writers; some of these pages represent other sorts of research resources.

Rhetoric and Writing Links Especially for Teachers

Of course, students are welcome at these sites too...

Links Especially about C&W 98 at the U. of Florida

On-line Writing Labs and Centers

An increasing number of college and university writing labs and centers are developing on-line components to help a wide variety of writers. The following are some of the best of these resources. They're great sites to find answers to all sorts of grammatical and style questions and to also get feedback on your writing from tutors and staff members at schools all over the country.

Making Web Pages at SOU and HTML Tips

Miscellaneous Sources on the 'Net and Fun

Miscellanous News Sources On-Line

Probably Not Really News, but Still Interesting On-Line Sources

Presentations Links

The C&W 98 Research and Internet Link Site is collection of links and other Internet resources developed for the workshop "The Internet as a Research Tool: Dispelling the Myths" at the 14th Annual Computers and Writing Conference. This page is also designed to help writers in all disciplines.

This page written and designed by Steve Krause.

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