Collegiate Objective

     When I decided to go to Western Michigan University I knew my life was going to change. It was time to grow up and start becoming an adult. It was more than moving out of my parents’ house and doing my own laundry; it was time to grow as a person. I am currently unsure what I want to major in but I defiantly know Haworth College of Business is the first step. Being an undecided business major I am still getting a taste of all the different majors and careers the university can help me pursue. As of now all I can do is work hard in school and do my personal best. I am currently thinking about the marketing program here at Western. I like the idea that I will be doing something different every day. I think my creativity and passion for art and business both can help me be a great candidate. In the future I plan on doing internships, externships, and job shadows to find where I would fit best. To say the least I am extremely excited for what the future has to hold!