Collegiate Objective

On a personal level, I am entering college in order to attain a degree that will prove me to be successful in life.  Besides just learning in class, I know that college can teach me so much more about life.  Things such as time management, managment of money, and ability to live on your own are just a few lessons that college life can teach me.  Living at college can help answer important life questions such as, "What do I want to do with the rest of my life?" "Who do i want being a part of my life?"  "What job do I want to get after college?" and "How am I going to help support my future family?"  I am aware that I will make many mistakes in college, but as long as I continue to learn from these mistakes, then I know I will be successful.

On a professional level, I hope to attain a business degree that will put me in great position to get the job of my dreams.  I have very high expectations for myself as I hope to maintin above a 3.7 cumulative GPA throughout my four years as well as never recieving below a BA in any of my classes.  Being a student athlete here at WMU, I have learned important skills that will help me in the classroom and future work force; skills such as hard work, competitive nature, and teamork.  I will bring these skills to the classroom in order to achieve the degree and grades that I hope for in order to be succesful in life.