Collegiate Objectives
Personally, I am at college to become more knowledgeable. To learn everything I can and become just a smarter individual. I came to college to gain information that will help me make better, informed, decisions throughout my life. I feel like with a college education I can push myself to be the smartest I can be, inside and outside the classroom. College gives you the opportunities to not just learn things about your major, but about anything you want. There are so many courses available that will give you information about a topic that you have never thought of before.

Professionally I came to college to help me find a job when I graduate. People with college degrees tend to make more money than those withoout college degrees, and I intend to be very successful throughout my life. With a college degree, in any field, so many more options will become available to me than if I were to try to find a job without any higher level education.