Internet Security vs. Internet Privacy



For the last 6-7 years there have efforts around the world by the United Nations (UN) with some support from the United States representatives to the UN, the Obama administration and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to take over control of the Internet from the current, longtime governance of the Internet.These Internet control initiatives, which still continue, will have a direct effect on the monitoring and censorship of Internet use, our freedoms and the privacy of all companies, institutions and individuals, including you.It is, therefore, important for you to take action and express your views while you still can.


Task 1 (25 points):

Review the packet of resources and prepare a typed Discussion Points List of at least 10 ideas or factors from the provided sources that you want to discuss with a group of students during the next class meeting.Your list will be handed in at the end of the class discussion session.


You and your team will use the following documents to analyze the efforts of United Nations, the Obama administration and the FCC to take control of Internet communications. At the end of the discussion, write a short synopsis of your groupís opinion and discussion before handing in your Discussion Points List.


Task 2 (75 points):

In follow-up to your team discussion, you as a concerned citizen have resolved that it is essential to write a letter or email to the FCC and your U.S. House Representative and Senators with your individual opinion and recommendations for or against pending legislation based on the facts in the following documents.You should also include recommendations for the United States delegation to the United Nations to consider.


Your correspondence, of course, should express your own opinion, regardless of your groupís discussion outcome.Accordingly, you should use 2-3 additional, reliable research documents (Refer to the 5 points for evaluating web sites on pages 120 and 122 of Technology in Action.) not listed in the sources provided below to support your opinion regarding the pending legislation in an email or letter of 700 to 750 words.A copy of your additional sources must be attached, and all facts must be given appropriate credit.


Source Documents:

1.      Technology in Action, Ninth Edition, Evans, Alan; Martin, Kendall; Poatsy, Maru Anne; p. 606, Current Management and Governance of the Internet