The Game of Volleyball
Volleyball is a popular sport that is played professionally, as well as in recreational leagues, on school teams, in backyards, sandlots, or beaches.  The game of volleyball can be enjoyed virtually anywhere a net can be set up, including over a swimming pool.  A typical volleyball game uses six players on each side.  The aim is to deliver the ball over the net and "ground" it (have it touch the ground) on the opposing side while preventing the ball from touching the ground on their side.Play begins with the serve of the ball, and players take turns rotating around the court so each player gets a change to "serve" the ball.  The ball may be "served" when the server bumps the ball into play across the net with a fist, or throws the ball into the air and strikes it with a hand or arm to bump it across the net into the opposing team.  Members of the opposing team then attempt to "save" it from hitting the ground and loft it for a teammate to play.  Each team is allowed to contact the ball three times before returning it over the net.  No individual may hit or be touched by the ball twice in succession, and the ball must never be held, lifted, or carried.  Play continues until one team allows the ball to touch the ground in its own court or fails to correctly return it.  A point is rewarded to the serving team if the opposing team makes the fumble.  If the serving team incurs the fumble, the receiving team is then allowed control of the ball and becomes the serving team.