Media Making Tips and Recipies:


How to make media:
1.  Fill the beaker you're preparing the media in full to the final volume with water.  Then pour out half of the water and add your ingredients, then fill to the line.  This will insure that you do not excede your final volume in the end.
2.  Add the buffers
3.  Add major elements - in the order given.  Dissolve each one separately before adding the next ingredient.
4.  Add the trace elements last


Media Type Beaker Number Ingredients # ofTubes Cap Color Totalvolume Media label
I.  Complex culture media
A. Nutrient Broth 1 375 ml H2O,1.1g beef extract,1.8g peptone 12  Green 10 ml/tube NB
B. Nutrient agar slants 2 125 ml of # 1, 1.87g agar  10 Blue 12 ml/tube NA (slants)
C. Enriched nutrient broth 125 ml of # 1, 0.63 g glucose, 0.63 g of yeast extract 12 Green 10 ml/tube ENB
D. TJYM 4 10 ml tomato juice(pH) 7.0, 10g powdered milk, 0.5g yeast extract, dH2O to reach 100 ml volume 10 Green 10 ml/tube TJYM
E.  EMB 5 3.75 g dehydrated EMB medium100 ml H2O. Boil  1 bottle  ------- 100 ml/bottle  EMB agar
II. Synthetic/Defined media 6 0.5g glucose, 0.5g NaCl, 0.02g MgSO4, 0.1g NH4H2PO4 , 0.1g K2HPO4 , 100 ml H2O 10 Green  10ml/tube Defined (synthetic)media

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