The Motor city was once one of America's crowned jewels.  During the 1950's Detroit was in its prime state of being a well-lead and productive city.  We were the fifth largest city in America with close to two million citizens and  it sprawled across 148 miles of Michigan's land.  It was a place for tourists to flock to and be thrilled by the sight of Detroit's downtown, which had attractions like the Fillmore, Fox Theater or sporting events at Olympia Stadium and Tigers Stadium.  They would come to enjoy the sounds of America's music capital during this time, which produced artists like, Della Reese and The Diablo's.  The Auto Industry was booming.  It brought in majority of Detroit's economic success and jobs.  Therefore Detroit was a place of working class citizens that shared the same morals and created a great living environment.  But nothing in this world could last forever.  The downfall of Detroit began in the late 1960's through the 1980's.

            The 1967 riots in Detroit was the first major step taken in causing Detroit Financial Crisis that we are now facing.  The 1967 Riots in Detroit was a five day total destruction of Detroit.  Blacks were outraged by a racial hate crime committed by a Caucasian member of the Detroit Police Department against an African American man.  The Detroit Police Department carried out an unlawful and illegal raid on an afterhours African American owned bar and assaulted a local patron.  The Police Department was surveyed in the 1960's and three quarters did not like African Americans so the racial injustice enraged the black community.  African Americans flooded the streets of Detroit on a looting spree.  They set fire to store fronts, including African American owned stores, they blew up cars and started brawls that led to some deaths.  The people that took place in the rioting did not realize that their destroying the city would only have an even more negative effect on Detroit than the racial injustice did.  The city was already thriving with racial injustice occurring daily and African Americans had good jobs with the automotive industry.  The total destruction of most of Detroit's eastside caused the "White Flight".  The "White Flight," was the abandonment of Detroit that took place after the riots of 1967, carried out by the whites and Automotives Companies.  They no longer wanted to be in a city that was capable of turning into complete disaster over night.  When the Automotive industry moved out of the city, the African Americans tried to follow them into the suburbs but were in for a rude awakening.  The White community would not allow African Americans to move to the suburbs with them because they feared it would bring their property value down and they did not like the fact that African Americans had equal opportunity to have the same jobs as them and maybe even pose a threat at taking their jobs.  Therefore the African Americans were stuck in the now abandoned and riot torn city.  With the Automotive companies out of the city and majority of the jobs gone Detroit's economy began to fail.  Members of the African American community began to fall on hard times and struggle to make ends meet without having a job.  Most people that lived in the city were now unemployed for years to come causing them to stop spending money in the city.  Once there was no money coming in for local businesses, they had to flee to find a profit.  When the locally owned African American stores began to close or foreclose the city began to lose out on tax money and our major financial downfall took a turn for the worse.

            It is now the late 1970's/early 1980's and more and more of Detroit's population is moving out of the city in search of jobs.  This is causing Detroit to become stricken with financial problems.  History has shown and proved that when cities fall on hard financial times, the crime rate goes up.  People try to make ends meet by any means necessary.  This was the time when Detroit's notorious crime reputation began.  The drug industry flourished in Detroit.  People were depressed and looked for an outlet for comfort and peace, so they reached out to the drugs that were now being moved in to the ghost towns of Detroit.  The selling of drugs led to the formation of territories and caused gang activity to begin.  Once it started it never stopped.  Detroit continued to see more and more thousands of its people leave the city each year due to the financial downfall, poverty-stricken communities, loss of jobs and crime rate skyrocketing.  Today Detroit is the number one crime capital in America.  CNN, Forbes Magazine, NBC and a slew of others name Detroit the most dangerous city in America.  Its homicide, theft, rape and burglary rates are the highest in America. Detroit boasts a 48% homicide rate and a 58% forcible rape rate.  Detroit's financial issues caused by its crime rates has had a negative effect on our public services, including law enforcement.  Detroit is in a such a horrible financial deficit that it can only afford to hire the bare minimum amount of officers a city of Detroit's size is required to have.  This causes crime to go up even more because the law breakers are more confident that they can get away with their crime with a city of over 700,000 people and under 5000 police officers to enforce laws.  Detroit has a dire need for proper leadership.

            Detroit has had a bad history in recent years with its leadership.  Our last Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, left the city in even more ruin than it was before he took his place as the mayor.  Kwame Kilpatrick was the headline of National news across America for his actions of having an affair with a head of his staff.  Not only was this an embarrassment for Detroit that we elected someone with these morals standards, but he used millions of tax payers' dollars in order to splurge on out of country trips with his mistress and gaudy new trucks to sport around in.  Detroit's finances had already been in a decline for decades but the total waste of money did not make it any better.  The loss of millions of dollars hurt Detroit's economy even more.  Not only did Kwame Kilpatrick lead the city in a bad direction, but the city council aided him in proving bad leadership.  They would have huge arguments while their meetings were being broadcasted live on television for everyone to hear member Monica Conyers, call member Ken Cockerel "Shrek," during a meeting where Detroit's financial issues and how to solve them were supposed to be being discussed.  Citizens thought it could get no worse but were proven wrong just last year when the Chief of Police was discovered having an affair with a woman on the job and Police Payroll.  The city of Detroit has a bad reputation with its leaders and never gets a good enough leader to bring us out of our issues.

            Detroit went decades without seeing a its funds at the end of the year with a positive trend and it is still in the same downward trend today.

            Detroit is in a period of financial crisis and is need of desperate help from an outside source.   The city's planners are not suitable as leaders to bring the city out of its financial deficit.

            The city council has been working on plans and suggestions as to how to fix our debt problem but has not found a proper solution yet.  Detroit's funds have not experienced a positive yearend balance since 2004.  This means the city has been consecutively faced with a critical financial deficit each year for the past 9 years.  The city's planners have been working long enough with no solution to Detroit's issue and it is time to allow someone else to step in and help regulate our economy.  The city was given a 137 million dollar loan from the Michigan Government and burned through it without putting it to good use.

            People argue that Detroit should cut back on its already failing public services.  But, Detroit cannot afford any cut backs on only 50% of its EMS workers on the road or a Police Department closing in on under 2000 officers with a population of about 790,000 citizens.  So a cutback on Detroit's Public Services sector is not needed.

            The only possible solution to our problem is to have someone come in a solve our problems for us.  We need someone who can come clean up our problems with no emotional attachment to petty baggage or a hoarder of Detroit's "precious" trash. 

            Detroit was once the Paris of the West, but saw social issues turn it into ruins.  It is unfortunate but Detroit was a city that was stricken by rising crime rates and a loss of jobs therefore causing its citizens to decline.  As a result of citizens leaving and crime rates rising we saw America lose the Motor city.

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