About WMU

Alexa wants to take in as much of life as she can. How the world works is fascinating, and she can never learn too much. It makes perfect sense, then, for her to pursue anthropology.

WMU's anthropology program was introduced to Alexa while in Kalamazoo competing for the Medallion Scholarship (which she received). She made an appointment to learn more about the program-no surprise-and realized it's exactly what she wants.

The ideal career for Alexa involves working in a museum putting together exhibits and guiding elementary-school kids through all the artifacts and history. Before that, she plans to attend graduate school and possibly do some field work.

The museum she one day runs will be impeccable. It would have to be-the worst procrastination of her life involved starting a paper two nights before it was due in high school. Two nights? That's an early start for a lot of people.