Collegiate Objective

I have decided to take my education to the next level because I want to make a career out of something that really interests me. In college, it's the time to explore my options and see what appeals to me most. I have made a goal to achieve at least a 3.5 GPA throughout my four years at Western Michigan University. I also would like to make it a point to join the Business Fraternity and get connected into the Business School. By doing that, it will help me stay focused and on track with my goal of graduating in four years.
        Not only did I decide to go to college for a career, but also for the experience. My father really stressed to me the importance of college and that the experiences will prepare me for the real world. There are many things I want to learn in life, and starting off my living on my own away from home is the first step. In my opinon, life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. I like to believe that I am an independant person and want to start doing things on my own without the help of my parents.