Collegiate Objectives  

I am entering college to discover more about myself and further pursue my passion for business and law. I hope to find myself through my college journey and continue to grow as not only an individual but as a member of society and the world. Along the way I plan to make lasting friendships and relationships with people who will not only better me but guide me through this important time in my life.

One of my scholary goals in my journey through college is to maintain a 4.0 GPA for an entire year and travel abroad at least once to learn different culture perspectives on my passions. In addition, I intend to network with professors who can help me in the future and take advantage of any good opportunity to expand my network through conferences, speakings, etc.
When I graduate I will leave here with a fine tuned skill set of communication, success and determination. This will allow me to excel in law school following college and then to go on and pursue a successful career in criminal law.