Female leadership

The article “Female leadership, performance, and governance in microfinance institutions” talks about they studied the relations between female leadership and MFI performance and governance. They used data that was collected by rating agencies in 73 countries. (Strom, 2014) They also included data on the CEO, chair and board directors. Their results indicated that female managed MFI’s have better performance and it is not driven by improved governance. (Strom, 2014)

Measuring consumer-based brand authenticity

“Postmodern consumers use brands to create an authentic self and to reconnect to place, time, culture and others. Although previous research has identified that consumers draw on a range of cues in order to attribute authenticity to branded objects, no scales exist to measure the construct of brand authenticity.” ( Napoli, 2014) The paper uses quantitative methods to develop a way to measure the brands authenticity from a consumer’s perspective. ( Napoli, 2014) “This study extends our understanding of the consumption of authenticity. Moreover, it provides a tool by which firms can evaluate the effectiveness of strategic decisions designed to deliver an authentic brand offering to consumers. Limitations and directions for future research are discussed.” ( Napoli, 2014)







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