Student Conceptions Assignment Proposal Form

Name(s) ___________________________ Section _______________

1. The biological topic I (we) will interview a child (two children) about is:



2. The specific question regarding one of this topic I (we) will interview a child (two children) about is:






3. On the basis of research, I (we) have concluded that the following short answer represents a college level answer to the question I (we) will interview the child about:

A. Description (i.e. what the phenomenon is).












B. Explanation (e.g. how or why the phenomenon occurs).












C. Attach a concept map made with PIViT that represents your college level understanding of this biological topic and a question about it (both description and explanation).

4. Provide a brief description of the props you (and your partner) plan to locate or create (if applicable) for use in your interview. (Choose props with great care- you may find props can themselves be leading if too many are used or they suggest answers to your student):




5. List at least10 questions you plan to use in your interview. During the actual interview you may find yourself having to ask somewhat different questions based on the responses of the child. However, having at least 10 initial questions (developed in connection with your college level understanding above) will give you a framework for your interview. Consider also how you might ask a question involving a technical term using other more familiar words if the child you interview does not recognize the term.



























6. The grade level of the student(s) I (we) plan to interview is:

7. One source of evidence I have that this question is appropriate for students at this grade level is (e.g. the MEGOSE, Benchmarks, a textbook you know that student has been using or has recently used- be sure to cite the specific page number.)