Special Journal Issue of Science & Education

Darwinian Anniversary Year, 2009

UPDATE: The table of contents for the special issue, which comprises 5 numbers, has been posted here.

The year 2009 is a double anniversary: 200 years since Darwin was born (12 February 1809) and 150 years since the publication of On the Origin of Species (24 November 1859). To celebrate this anniversary a special issue of Science & Education will be published.

Researchers working on areas related to Darwinism and evolution education are invited to contribute to this special issue. Conceptual, theoretical, empirical or position-based manuscripts are welcome. Examples of topics may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Darwinism in the history and philosophy of science
  • Darwin's methodology and theorizing
  • Historical treatments of The Origin
  • Darwinism and politics
  • Darwinism and religion
  • Current status of evolutionary theory
  • Public understanding and acceptance or rejection of evolution, especially in non- Western cultures
  • Evolutionary explanations
  • Evolution and teleology
  • Empirical research in evolution education
  • Evolution and the Nature of Science
  • Creationism and Intelligent Design
  • Cognitive barriers in understanding evolution
  • Rationales and strategies for teaching evolution when it is controversial
  • The teaching of evolution in cultures where Darwinism is rejected
  • Other appropriate topics

A number of prominent scholars are contributing invited essays. These include:

  • John Hedley Brooke, Darwin and religion

    Submission Date: December 31, 2008 Anticipated Publication Date: May 2010

    Manuscripts, with Abstract, should be submitted for review direct to: www.editorialmanager.com/sced/

    Notification of intention to submit and subject matter is appreciated as it assists coordination and planning of the issue. Questions and inquires should be directed to either of the guest editors:

    David W. Rudge

    Biological Sciences & The Mallinson Institute for Science Education, Western Michigan University, USA

    email: david.rudge@wmich.edu

    Kostas Kampourakis

    Geitonas School, Athens, GREECE

    email: kkamp@ath.forthnet.gr

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