Practice Ecology Quizzes

The following multiple choice questions are examples of the sorts of questions you should be able to answer.

Directions: Answer the following multiple choice questions by choosing the letter of the response that represents the best answer to the question.

41. The "Environmental Decision Making" (EDM) simulation simplifies the study of ecosystems by which of the following?:

42. Which of the following should be considered when modelling ecosystems mathematically?

43. Why does use of the "Environmental Decision Making" (EDM) simulation constitute a series of "what if "experiments?

44. Which of the following about ecosystems is false?

45. Which of the following about the teaching of ecology is false according to our reading "Environmental Decision Making" (EDM)?

46. According to our reading "Learning About Photosynthesis: Memorizing or Making Sense?" which of the following distinguishes a typical seventh grader's understanding of photosynthesis and that of a biologist?

47. Which of the following is true about the relationship between the initial pondlife biomass (Ps) and the time to reach pondlife carrying capacity (PKt)?

48. Which of the following is true about "pondlife" in the EDM simulation?

49. Which of the following is an example of coevolution?

50. Why does a 300 gram adult owl need to consume about 25,000 grams of prey biomass in order to sustain itself over the course of a year?

51. What do ecologists mean when they say while matter cycles through the system, energy flows?

52.Which of the following is false about ecosystems?

53. What is the difference between a habitat and a niche?

54. In natural settings, which of the following occurs in or to "pondlife" that is not directly represented by our simulation ?

55. Why does the carrying capacity of the pond for sunfish S(K) not depend upon the initial amount of sunfish that is introduced to the system S(s)?

56. A town creates a bass fishing pond with pondlife, sunfish and bass. Which of the following would maximize the amount of bass available for fishing in the long run?

57. Why is the movement of energy and matter in an ecosystem described by food webs?

58. What is the difference between r selection and k selection?

59. Which of the following represents an example of a biotic component of the environment ?

60. The following data are the results of three simulated runs of the EDM simulation after the system has reached equilibrium:

Bass Fish Starting Value

Average Bass Yield

2 hours per day

0.127 kg/day

1 hour per day

0.154 kg/day

1/2 hour per day

0.109 kg/day

Comparing the yield for 2 hours per day with 1 hour per day, why is the bass yield lower when one fishes for 2 hour/day?

61. What happens in the "Barnacles and Tide" simulation to the habitat of Chthamalus (brown) when Balanus (black) is added?

62. 62. Consider a "Barnacles and Tide" simulation that includes both Balanus (black) and Chthamalus (brown). What happens to the habitat of Balanus after the snail Thais (pink) is added and the system stabilizes?

63.According to the directions, which of the following affect the growth of the barnacle and mussel species in the "Keystone Predator" simulation?

64. Which of the following would produce a valid relationship if it was inserted as a concept in the following incomplete concept map:

65. Which of the following concepts would produce a valid relationship if it was inserted as a concept in the right oval in the following incomplete concept map:

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