Abraham ADAMS Sr.'s Will, Beaufort County Will Book

"The Last Will and Testament of Abraham Adams Sr.

"In the name of God, Aman.  The Last will and Testament of Abraham Adams, Senier, 
being very Sick and weak of body, but of sound and perfect memory, and Calling to 
mind ye uncertainty of This Transitory LIfe, hoping Through ye merits of Death & 
passion of my Saviour Jesus Christ to Inter in to Eternal LIfe, do, for avoiding 
Controversies after my Decease, make, publish and Declare This to be my Last Will & 
TEstament.  Revoking and Denying all other former wills by me made & 
recommending my Soul into ye hands of Almighty God who gave it at ye Discression 
of my Exrs., hereinafter mantioned, after all my Debts and funeral charges are paid & 
	Item.  I give & bequeath unto my Son, abraham adams, part of my Land lying 
on pamlico River, Beginning at ye fork of ye branch up ye Gut That parts me from mr. 
Thomas Icevels, and running up noth Gut to a place called ye  Gum Going, and up 
along ye branch to ye back Line.  Then beginning again at ye aforesaid for and running 
up ye Eastermost branch to a branch called ye Island branch:  Thence up ye branch Till 
it Leaves ye Island, and so Still up ye branch to ye Going Over to make my Tarkiln;  
Thence aCross ye ridge to ye Savannah to ye back Line, containing by Estimation 
Seventy Six acres of land, which Said Land I give To my Son abraham, and To ye 
male heirs Lawfully begotten of his own body, wch said Land I will not have to be 
Sold, Let or mortgaged, but from one brother To ye other.

	Item.  I give unto my son Richd. Adams, a part of ye Land I live on in pamlico 
river, Joyning upon my Son Abraham and Mr. Thomas Icevel, being ye uper part of 
my land, being SEventy Six acres more or less to ye male heirs Lawfully begotten of 
his owne body, wch land is not to be sold, Let or mortgaged, but from brother to 

	Item.  I give to my Son, William, all of my Tools, my horse, GUn & new 

	Item.  I give to my Son, Willoughby, a Certain Cow yearling aforesaid, 
brown, white faced and her increase.

	Item.  I give to my Daughter, abbia, a certain Two year old heifer, black pied 
& her increase. one Trundled bead Stead & bed & furniture belonging to it.

	I give to my Loving wife, Barthia, ye use of my plantation Whereon I now 
Live, wth all ye rest of my Goods, Chattles & Estate, During her Widowhood, and in 
Case of Death or marriage, Then my said plantation I give To my son Willoby and his 
male heirs Lawfully begotten of his body, not to be Sold, let or mortgaged, but from 
brother to brother and my moveables, goods and chattles to be Equally divided 
between my son William, Willoby and abia, my Daughter.  and I do hereby nominate 
and appoint my Loving Wife to be my hole and Sole executrix of This my Last will & 
testament, Revoking all other wills by me heretofore made.

	In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal This Twenty-Third 
day of Octobr., In the year of our Lord one Thousand, Seven Hundred and
Thirty Three.

						Abraham (A) Adams

Signed, Sealed, published and 
Declared in the presence of us:

Phillips Shute
Mary (X) Shute
Jno Collison"

(Rec. 13 Mar 1734 Bath Town, NC., reproduced in Grimes, NC Wills, p. 8)

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