This is an image of Anna Rudge's record of marriage. A complete translation in English is provided below.

"No. 553	Coquelin Rudge

On the fifteenth day of November
one thousand eight hundred fifty nine at ten in the morning
Act of marriage between Sir Alfrede Eduoard 
Coquelin, assistant shopkeeper, born in Cantelon
of the same department, on the first of March one thousand eight hundred
thirty four and dwelling in Le Havre, 
Church street No. 89, adult son of Eduoard Coquelin,
shop employee and of Louise Aminthe Adam, his
wife, unemployed, dwelling in Rouen, 
Fountenelle Street No. 2,, here present and consenting, widow of
Marie Seyerine Baron, who died in Chartres, Eure and
Loire, the thirteenth of last September, on the one hand- 
And of Anna Rudge, washerwoman (?), born in Le Havre, on the
twelfth of December, one thousand eight hundred thirty nine and dwelling
at her father's house, 44 Saint Jacques Street, minor daughter
of Edward Rudge, engineer, and the late Caroline
Blindell buried at Caen, Calendos, the twenty first
November, one thousand eight hundred forty two, on the other hand.
The publications of marriage were posted at Le Havre in front of
the front doors of our town hall on Sunday
the twenty third and thirtieth of last October at noon and 
in accordance with articles 63 and 64 of the Napoleanic code without any 
objections [?].

On our interpretations and in conformity with the
bride and groom, their parents declared to us that 
the marriage contract was signed before a notary public.

The future couple produced and deposed the following:
1. Their records of birth.
2. A record of the death of preceding wife of the groom.
3. A letter of consent by the father of the future wife signed the
first of the present month, M. Duval and one of his
colleagues, notaries at Le Havre
4. A record of the death of his mother.

A common bond was formed [?] After we read 
the terms according to the law and all of the documents
mentioned above, after Chapter Ten of 
the fifth title of the Napoleanic code title of marriage
articles two hundred twelve and following. 

The two were declared to be joined in marriage
The one: Anna Rudge
And the other, Alfrede Edouard Coquelin.
In the presence of Theodore Vallie, 
thirty nine years, Louis Lemaredeal, age thirty
four years old, Louis Richer, Brigadier, 
forty five years old, and Jacques Cardon, employee of the docks,
twenty eight years old, all four friends of the groom and
living in Le Havre.

Then Phillip Girard Sarek et Neilly, Chevalier of the
Legion de Honor, adjoint of the Mayor of the city of Le Havre
appeared before us, complying with the 
obligatory functions of state officials. 
We have pronounced in the name of the law the spouses
are joined in marriage. After reading this in the presence
of all, they signed with us and the witnesses
present, done on behalf of 
the mayor's office and his administration.

Coquelin	Anna Rudge
Jooquelin	Lemaredeal
Cardon		Richer"

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