(Transcribed by Dave Rudge 1/4/1994)

According to tradition, the Eligood Mills Bible was first owned by 3. Eligood Mills Sr. (1744-1832), and may have been purchased as early as 1819. From Eligood, it passed on from his grandson, 37. James Mills (by his son 9. William Mills). James Mills in turn passed it on to his daughter, 105. Fanny nee Mills McDaniel (1855-1949). She in turn passed it on to her nephew (by her sister 106. Mary Elizabeth nee Mills Cook), 156. Ralph Mills Cook (1894-1960). It is currently in the possession of one of Ralph Mills Cookıs grandsons.

There are apparently several different authors of the inscriptions included within the bible, which can be noted both by their handwriting and the use of different colored inks. (James Mills identifies himself as one. Fanny nee Mills McDaniel is the most likely person to have introduced annotations referring to published genealogical articles.) A few pages are loose and have placed at the end of the transcript. What follows are a series of scanned images. (Higher resolution scans are available on request.)

[Front cover]

[Inside cover/Page 1]

"This was Eligood Mills Bible,

And contains a very old record

of the Mills + Garland families

J. Mills

North Waterboro July 8, 1900

A very rainy day"

[Page 2]

"This bible was Eligood Mills'"

[Faded pencil lower right]



75 years

October past" [?]

[Page 3]

"Printed in Brattleborough, Vermont

in 1819

Once the property of James Mills now his daughters

Fanny Mills McDaniel

A.D. 1928"

[Page 4

This page has two columns, which are transcribed separately below.]

"Births [Page 4a]

Eligood Mills Sr. [?]

Born August 25

1774 Mary Dyer 2 [struck out and rewritten 1] wife

born Aug 13 1753

died Mar 13, 1774

Lucy Lucas October

2 1749


Joseph Mills October


Lucy Mills

Jan 21 1776

Eligood Jun Mills Feb

28 1774

Luke Mills Octob

16 1773

William Mills

March 19 1784

Lydia Mills

May 10 1786

John Mills

Decemb 6 1789

James Mills

August 23 1792"

"Deaths [Page 4b]

Eligood Mills Jun Sept 1821

William Mills Died August

Molly Wife of William Mills

1824 Died March 22 1877

Age 91 years 4 mos 8 days

Eligood Mills Senr January 1


Lucy Mills January 28


Lucy Mills Nov 31 1856


Joseph Mills April

Died April 1836

Lydia Chadbourne Died

September 1 1841

John Mills died June 3 1842

William died Aug 14 1824

Lydia Mills Chadbourn Sept 1 1841

John Mills died June 3 1842

James Mills died Dec 5 1883"

[Page 5]


"Nathl to hannah Han Witherell Februrary

25th 1790

Nathl Garland To Lucy Mills March 18th


John Littlefield To Sally Garland

December 31st 1820

James Garland to maryann Decker

John Hill To Rebecca Garland March the 8th

1820 "

[Page 6

This page has two columns, which are transcribed separately below.]

"Births [Page 6a]

"Nathl Garland Born

June ye 8th 1765

Hannah Witherell

Born July 1764

Lucy Mills Born

January ye 21st 1776

the first year of the

American independence

James Garland Born

Apriel the 5th 1791

Sally Garland Born

apriel ye 29th 1795

Rebeckah Garland

Born March ye 10 1798

Nathl Garland Jr. Born

January the 2d 1814

James Mills died

in Waterboro

Mar. 17, 1905

His wife

Dorcus Webber Mills

died Apr. 21, 1890"

"Deaths [Page 6b]

Hannah Garland

Died December 20 1800

Nathl Garland died march

the 17th 1817

Thomas Hill June the 3 [?]


John Littlefield

May 7 1846

Nathaniel Garland

May 28, 1852

Lucy Garland D


November 23, 1855

Luke Mills

Died March 12 1856

Amand J. Fluent

Mar 31 1919

Age 66 years"

"[Page 7]

Births + Deaths

Of Eligood Mills + wife

Eligood Mills, Born

August 25, 1744

1st wife Mary Dyer Mills Born August 13 1753

Died [?] 13th 1774

Lucy McLucas Mills Born

Oct 2, 1749

Eligood Mills Died

January 6 1832, Aged 88.

Lucy McLucas Mills Died

January 28 1832 Age 83

We can see that there was

twenty one [corrected two] days difference in

their deaths.


Elligood Mills was an Officer on

board the American privateer Gard

Turk during the Revolution. The vessel

was captured by the British and he

was confined in the prison at Halifax

five years until after the close

of the war."

[Page 8

The upper part of this page has two columns, which are transcribed separately below.]

"This was James Mills grandfather's

bible. His name was Eligood Mills

the revolutionary officer spoken

of in this record. "

"Births [Page 8a]

Thomas P. hill March the 6th


John Hill born November

the 1st 1824

Charles Hill May the

6th 1831

Rebecca Hill

November the 12th 1832

Thomas Hill January

the 9th 1835

Betsey Hill March

the 7th 1838

Reuben Hill October


George Hill May"

"Deaths [Page 8b]

Elijah Chadbourne

Died April 29, 1833

Age 47 Years

Lydia wife of


Died September 1st 1841

Age 57 Years

Lucy A. Chadbourne

Died June 11, 1842

Age 22 Years

Elijah W. Chadbourne

Died Nov 30, 1853

Aged 23 Years"

[Page 9

This page has two columns, which are transcribed separately below.]

"Marriages [Page 9a]

"From Maine Historical

and Genealogical

reader vol 6 Pg. 300

Eligood Mills of

Porsmouth N. H.

and Mary Dyer m.

Nov. 13, 1770

He was an officer

in the American


He married his

second wife Lucy

McLucas Aug 29 1774 Page 333


His father Luke Mills Sen.

m. Lydia Webber

settled in Portsmouth

N. H. His wife was

of dutch descent.

Her father came to

this country 1700

Mills was a sea

captain and was

lost at sea. He was

born in Virginia

1713. Vol. 9 Page 63"

"Marriages [Page 9b]

From Maine

Historical Society

Library- Hollis records-

Page 33

Eligood Mills to +

Sally his wife


William b. Mar. 18, 1804

Luke b. May 19, 1805

Stephen b. Dec 29, 1807

Lucy b. Nov. 1809

Daniel b. Dec. 1811"

[Page 10]

"Luke Mills b. in

Virginia 1713."

[Page 11]

" Bible printed 1819

Eligood Mills was

my great grand father

He was an officer

during the

Revolutionary War

Halifax 5 years

until the close

of the war.

[separate note]

"Joseph, Eligood, Luke, William, Lydia, John, James, Lucy"

"6 sons 2 daughters"

[Inside of Back cover]

[Faint pencil]

"19-2 Kings 19 Chapter

and the 31 Chapter of [illegible] dead alike please Examine + 822 J. Mills"

[Back cover]

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