This is an image of Edward Rudge's third record of marriage. A translation in English is provided below.

"No. 54	Rudge and Belhaire

Tuesday Nine March one thousand eight hundred fifty two 
at 4 o'clock in the evening
Act of marriage between Edward Rudge, engineer, born in the
Parish of Smethwick, Stafford County, England, the first of
January eighteen hundred seven and dwelling near Notre Dame at the Port of Le Havre and 
adult son of the late William Rudge, who died in the Parish of Saint
Saviour in London on the sixteenth of July, one thousand eight hundred twenty three and 
of Hannah Rudge, absent without notice [?], and widower of Marie Ford, who died
at Caen, Department of Calvados, the 28th of last December, on the one hand.

And of Adele Belhaire, trusted daughter, born at 
the chapel of Jugen, Munich, the thirteenth of April, one thousand eight hundred and
twenty five, and dwelling in Le Havre, No. 9 [street name?], adult 
daughter of the late Jean Baptiste Belhaire, who died at 
the Chapel of Jugen, the eighth of September, one thousand eight
hundred forty eight, and of Angelique Aviay, his property owning widow
and dwelling [there], on the other hand.

The publications of marriage were posted at Le Havre in front of
the front doors of our town hall on 
Sunday the twenty second and twenty nine of last February
At noon officiated according to the terms of articles 63 and
64 of the Civil Code without any objections.

On our interpretations the bride and groom declared to us that 
the marriage contract was signed before a notary public.

The future couple have produced and declared:
1. Their records of birth.
2. A record of the death of the father of the future husband.
3. That of his previous wife.
4. A letter of consent by the mother of the future wife
signed [?] the seventh of last January in front of 
a notary at the Chapel of Juger.
5. A record of the death of her father.

A common bond was formed [?]

After we read the terms according to the law and 
all of the documents mentioned above, after Chapter Ten of 
the fifth title of the Napoleanic code title of marriage
articles 212 and following.

The two were declared joined in marriage,  
the one, Adel Belhaire
and the other, Edward Rudge
In the presence of elders, William Rudge, engineer, brother 
of the groom, Jean Piere Marchel, driver, Matthew
Pollington, engineer, Victor Menard, driver,
all fours adults, the last three being friends of the groom,
and all four living at Le Havre.

The bride and groom jointly in front of the said witnesses
declared and attested that his mother 
was absent without notice for many years, that he didn't know
her last address or whether she was deceased, and as such it was
an impossibility to provide documentation of her death or her 

Then before us Ondere Hyacinthe adj[unct] 
of M[onseiur] the Mayor of the city of Le Havre, representing
by delegation the functions of public officials of the state. 
have declared in the name of the law that the couple

are joined in marriage. And after reading this in the presence
of all, they signed, with all present, done on behalf of 
the mayor's office and administered.

Edward Rudge		Adele Belhaire
William Rudge	Mme. Sarah and Matthew Pollington
Menard 		Maire"

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