Here's a photograph of John and Janette nee NEFF YOUNG's four daughters. The inscription reads as follows: "Before my sister, Frances [nee BREITKREUTZ] Kypke Wodke, passed away, January 8, 1978, she gave me this picture to me of my mother and her sisters. I have no idea when this was taken or if they were married at the time, but do know the picture is over one hundred years old. They all lived on a farm northeast of Lake Mills, Wisconsin. My Grandfather and Grandmother Young moved into town, i.e., Lake Mills, Wisconsin, where they resided until they passed on. Their former house is still as it was years ago - located on South Main Street. I had copies of this picture made for my nieces and nephews. Picture - from left to right:

#1 Mrs. Almira Janet Young Breitkreutz (1902) (my mother, your grandmother) #2 Mrs. Josephine Young Brunn - South Dakota (my Aunt Josephine, your great aunt) #3 Mrs. Nettie Belle Young Bowden (my Aunt Nettie - your great aunt... lived in Fox Lake, Wisconsin and Watertown, Wisconsin) #4 Mrs. Etta Young Smith - Minneapolis (my Aunt Etta - your great aunt). From Aunt Dottie [Dorothy nee BREITKREUTZ WIEGEL WATSON]"

Last updated on 6 Jun 1999.