Henry Bethune ADAMS' Will, Union Co. NC Will Book 4 pp. 100-101.

"Last Will and Testament of H. B. Adams
State of North Carolina
Union County.
	I, H. B. Adams, of Monroe, Union County, North Carolina, do make 
publish and declare this holograph as my last will and testament, viz. 
1. I wish for a plain and unastentatious burial of my body, as my wife may 
direct and hope for my spirit a home with the redeemed.
2. I desire that my debts shall be paid out of my property at as early a day as it 
can be done under the law.
3. I give to my dear wife, Fannie Adams, in trust for herself and our children, 
all of my property of every description, with the power of disposing of the 
same; publicly or privately, on credit or for cash, as she may determine. In 
giving to the children any part of my property, she must have due respect for 
their respective necessities, their education, their capacity for taking care of 
themselves &c.
4. My personal belongings, such as bibles, badges, gold pens, walking 
canes, &c, I desire to be distributed to the children and my wife, in such a 
way as shall give them the article suitable for And appreciated by them. 
	I appoint my wife, Fannie Adams, executrix of this my last will and 
testament. In witness whereof I hereto set my hand and seal the 19th day of 
September 1899. H. B. Adams )seal)
	I hereby appoint my son, C. Bruce Adams to be executor of this will, 
with my wife Fannie Adams as executrix and they shall act jointly as the 
executors thereof. 
	In witness whereof I set my hand and seal hereto on the 12th day 
February 1907. H. B. Adams )seal)
	I have advanced to Hal B. Adams, since his graduation at Trinity 
College, for the purposes of starting him in life, besides the N.C. Reports 
furnished, in various amounts and at different times 							$503
and boarded him from January 1st to May 1st 1911 at $10 per month		     400

I do not charge him with board since he became a member of the firm of 
Adams, Armfield & Adams, as he with my assistance, has been paying my 
insurance assessments in the Knights of Pythias.
	And I have advanced to Ray K. Adams, since he left Trinity College 
for the purpose of fitting himself to practice medicine and to start him in life 
$2572.52 and these amounts are charged against them respectively, for which 
they shall account in the distribution of the estates of myself and my wife, as 
	The items making these accounts are charged in a small brown, leather 
covered memorandum book in my desk, with my name on it in gilt letters.
	I wish I were able to donate these amounts to them, but in justice to 
my other children, who may need it worse than they, and for whom I have not 
done as much as for them I require them to account for the same as 
advancements, subject to such reduction as my other children may think just 
and fair and be disposed to make. July 5th 1912. 
									H. B. Adams (Seal)" 

Proved Apr 29, 1915

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