Altered photos of JOHN WILIAM RUDGE (1849-1915)

These are altered versions of scanned images of originals to lighten them and improve the contrast. They are presented in apparent chronological order. Go here for versions that have not been altered. Click on the bookmarks below to be taken to that photo.

1. This is the photo I am the least confident about. It is a photograph of Louisa nee Mitchell Rudge holding what appears to be one of her children. I think it looks more like her son John William Rudge than his brother (compare this photo with the one of John William and his brother Thomas George below). But I have no idea what her three daughters looked like at that age. It was taken ca. 1850 when the family was living in France.

2. Here is a photograph of John William Rudge standing on the right beside his older brother, Thomas George Rudge, who died of cholera before the family migrated to the U.S. in 1858. It appears to have been taken ca. 1855.

3. This is photo of John William Rudge (he appears on the left) that took place when he was in Confederate service, ca. 1863-1864. If it took place in Wilmington, as the writing on the back suggests, it was taken about the time he became a cabin boy on a blockade runner that ran out of Wilmington, North Carolina.

4. These next two photographs appear to have been taken prior to his marriage to Caroline Virginia nee Pae on 11 Oct 1870. They were probably both taken in Wilmington, New Hanover Co., NC.

5. Here is another poised shot.

6. This was taken with his wife Caroline Virginia nee Pae Rudge, perhaps at the time of their wedding on 11 Oct 1870, which took place at her father 's home in Wilmington, New Hanover Co., North Carolina.

7. I believe John William Rudge is the gentleman in the middle of this picture (compare him in this shot and shots 4 and 5). It was taken in Wilmington, North Carolina, ca. 1870.

8. This next photo is taken from a Masonic Plaque and was probably taken in Monroe, Union co., NC about the time he was initiated as an apprentice on 10 Apr 1879. (The full plaque appears here.) The shot on the left is the center. I had a problem with my flash being reflected, so I had to photoshop a picture of his face that had no glare onto a background in which the glare did not obscure the signature. The shot on the right is a close up of his face.

9. This next photo appears to have been taken still later, ca. 1890. It probably was taken in a studio in Monroe, Union Co., North Carolina, but may have been taken in Savannah, Chatham Co., Georgia.

10. This next photo depicts John William Rudge holding a small child. While it is plausible to think it was a grandchild, it cannot be Katherine Virginia nee Griffith (1918-1920), as she was born after her grandfather died in 1915. It is more likely a picture of her older brother James Thomas Griffith and was probably taken ca. 1911 in Monroe, Union Co. NC.

11. This is a shot of John William Rudge and his wife with five of his grandchildren by his daughter, Carrie Virginia nee Rudge Coble. If Paul Coble, the youngest child, was about two years old at the time, then this photo was probably taken ca. 1909 in Monroe, Union Co. NC.

12. The man in this photograph is identified as being John William Rudge.

Last updated on 10 Nov 2012