Lydia Josephine nee BRUCE PERSON DOWD'S Will

Mecklenburg Co. NC Will Book Q pp. 274-76.


	I, Lydia J. Dowd, of the City of Charlotte in the County of 
Mecklenburg and the State of North Carolina, conscious of the uncertainty of 
life and desirious of indicating the disposition I wish made of my property 
after my death, do make, publish and declare this to be my last Will and 
Testament, as follows:
	1. I commend my spirit to God, who gave it, and I desire for my body 
a Christian burial as my children may direct and direct that a suitable grave 
stone shall mark my last resting place in the earth.
	2. I devise the lot and a half lying in the eastern suburbs of Charlotte, 
which I purchased from B. D. Heath, to my son, Herman Dowd for life, and 
if he shall marry and his wife survive him, then to his wife for life, and if 
Herman shall leave a child or children then I devise the remainder to such 
child or children, but if he shall not marry or shall leave any living children at 
his death, then after the life estates created for him and his wife, I devise the 
said lot and a half to his brothers and sisters living at the time of his death.
	3. It is my will that if I should die before making contemplated 
improvements on the said lot and a half devised to Herman Dowd, that my 
executors shall cause to be erected on the said lot and a half a dwelling house 
and such outhouses are necessary for the proper use and enjoyment of the 
property at a cost of twenty-five hundred dollars. If I shall die before the 
improvements are made by me and after I have commenced them, my 
executors shall complete them, so that the entire cost of the improvements 
including money spent by me, shall not exceed twenty five hundred dollars.
	4. It is my will that the specific articles of personal property mentioned 
in the paper attached to this will and written in my own handwriting shall be 
the property of the person or persons therein indicated and directed.
	5. I give, devise and bequeath all the remainder of my property, real 
and personal, to my children, Nannie Harding, Julia Bryan, Jerome Dowd, 
Willis B. Dowd, Mattie Dowd, Ella Dowd and Fannie Adams, their heirs and 
next of kin.
	6. I do hereby nominate and appoint my sons, Willis B. Dowd and 
Jerome Dowd, the executors of this will and testament with confidence in their 
fidelity to execute it in every particular.
	In witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand and seal on the 8th day 
of December 1909.
						L. J. Dowd (SEAL)
	Signed, sealed and published and declared by Lydia J. Dowd to be her 
LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT in the presence of us, who at her request 
and in her presence and in the presence of each other do subscribe our names 
as witnesses thereto.
						Julian H. Little
						E. A. Cole

Proved on 30 Dec 1912" 

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