Deed Records tracing Richard ADAMS migration from Beaufort Co. NC to Anson Co. NC

The following transcripts are notes taken by Larry Cates in his research among records in Beaufort Co., Cumberland Co. and Anson Co. NC that document his migration.


18 Sep 1736, James Adams and Richard Adams buy livestock at the sale of
Patrick MAule's estate.

7 Aug 1737, DB 2/ 259  Richard Adams and Philip Shute effect an exchange of
land.  Shute gives Adams 155 acres on Ragged Point, north side of Pamplico.
 Adams gives 76 acres, bounded by "the land of his brother, Abraham Adams,
dec'd, and on the plantation of Thomas Jewell, dec'd.  Gives history of
plot, sold to Abraham Adams, 17 Jan 1726/7, from which Adams devised, 76
acres to his son Richard.  w/ Mary (X) Traves, Wm. Ormond.

7 Mar 1740, DB 2/375, Richard Adams of Beaufort to John Chilly, for 32
pounds, 55 acres on Ragged Point, part of a tract lately purchased from
Philip Shute, w/ Samuel Lucas, John (M) Mainor.

10 Sep 1745, Philip Shute and Mary to James Adams, 76 acres, for 96 pounds,
land on north side of Pamptico R., joining lands of Abraham Adams, dec'd
and plantation of Thomas Jewell, dec'd, part of 128 acres.  Patented to
John Sullivan, 6 Mar 1704/5, conveyed to William Jones, from Jones to
Abraham Adams, 17 Jan 1726/7, devised to his son Richard Adams, and
exchanged by Richard with Shute, 11 Aug 1737.  w/ William Leslie, Joseph

7 Apr 1752, James Adams, patents 100 acres in Beaufort Co., head of Old
Town Creek, joining Richard Adams.

3 Apr 1753, Richard Adams, patents 600 acres in Beaufort Co, E. side of
Beaverdam, joining Andrew Simons, Stone's line and a branch.

10 Oct 1753, Richard Adams to Edward Poyner, both planters of Beaufort for
3 pounds, fee rent of 4 s. proc. for every 100 acres, fork of school house
branch, main road, Stone's line, head of the ponds, 100 acres. w/ John
Boyd, Ben B. Hawkins, Bryant B. Adams (DB 3/157)

16 Jan 1754, Richard Adams to Nathaniel Killingsworth, for 10 pounds, 100
acres (perhaps 200, difficult to read) north side of Pamptico River and on
East side of Beaver Dam (Broad Creek) (DB 3/179)  w/ William Adams,
Benjamin (B) Hawkins, Mary (X) Adams

3 May 1755, Richard Adams of Beaufort to Absalom Willard of Tyrell for 33
pounds, one messuage tract of 180 acres, Absalom's Simmons' corner tree,
Stone's line to Poyner's line to Killingsworth's line to Beaver dam.  w/
Griffith Howell, Wm Worsley, Michael Willard (3/217)

19 Apr 1755, Richard Adams of Beaufort to John Woolard, Jr. of Beaufort for
12 pounds, 120 acres, north side of Pamptico, ES of Broad Creek, Beaver
Dam, Killingsworth's and Poyner's lines.w/ John Mackiel, Absalom Woolard,
Benj. (B) Woolard.  (DB 3/219)
Larry notes: This marks the disposition of the entire 600 acre tract. Disencumbered of his lands in Beaufort, Richard and family move to Cumberland co., NC. There is a hiatus of five years between Beaufort and Cumberland, easily explained by the fact that Bladen county records for this period have been burned. (Bladen, the parent of Cumberland and Anson.)

Cumberland Deed Book 1/ 400.  28 May 1760, William Robards to Richd Adams
both Carpenters of CUmberland, for 10 pounds proc., 200 acres NE side of
Lower Little River to Robards' back line, patent to William, 13 Aug 1753.
w/ John Stewart, William Dawson.

18 Feb 1761-- Richard Adams served on a grand jury in CUmberland.

21 Aug 1761-- Ordered that Richard Adams keep a public ferry over Lower
Little River at his dwelling rates to be as others on said river.  (Cumb.
Ct. of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.)

DB 1/ 466, 19 Aug 1761, Richd Adams to John McFarland, both of CUmberland,
for 50 pounds proc, 100 acres on Rockfish Creek at fork of Wolf Pit Branch
incl both prongs of sd creek, pat. to Richard Adams, 10 Apr 1761, w/
Farquhard Campbell, Daniel Munroe

DB 2/ 158, 15 Jun 1762, Robert (X) Edwards, planter to Richd Adams, planter
of Cumberland for 20 pounds processional, 100 acres on lower side of Lower
LIttle River on Wm.Robards' upper line, where it crosses Lower Little
River, part of patent to Robards, 13 Aug 1752.  w/ Jno. Stewart, Jno. Watson. 

DB 2/ 517  13 Mar 1764, Richard Adams, Planter to John Stewart, Both of
Cumberland, for 18 pounds, 200 acres on North side of Lower little River to
Robards' back line, pat. to Robards 13 Aug 1753, w/ John Martinleer, Richd

DB 2/ 518,  16 Mar 1764, Richard Adams, planter to John Stewart, both of
Cumberland, for 25 pounds proc. 100 acres on lower side of Lower Little
River, at William Robards' line, where it crosses sd river, part of patent
to Robards 13 Aug 1752.  w/ William Hodges, Robert Stewart.
Larry notes: Once again, Richard purchased and patented a certain quantity of land and sold all of it. Ready to move permanently to Anson. Notice that the dates of the last two instruments liquidating the last holdings are days apart and made to the same party. As if Richard came back to Cumberland especially to dispose of his land. Already he owned land in Anson (see below).

5 Dec 1760 Richard Adams, 300 acres in Anson Co. on NE side of Pee Dee
joining a point above the plantation and both sides of the North fork of sd
Fork of Mountain Creek called Adam's Branch.

10 Apr 1761, 100 Acres for Richard Adams in Cumberland Co. on Rockfish
Creek joining the fork of Wolfpen Branch, including both prongs of sd  Creek.

24 Apr 1762, Richard Adams, 200 acres in Anson Co., NE side of the Pee Dee
joining both sides of Finch's branch which is a drain of N. fork of
Mountain Creek.

20 Apr 1763, Richard Adams, 200 acres in Anson Co.,  on Mountain Creek,
joining his old corner tree.

1763, Tax list of Anson shows:  James Adams, John Adams, Richard Adams,
William Adams.

Anson Co. DB 5/10--25 Oct 1766, Richard Adams of Anson to William Adams,
for 5 shillings (a pittance, wouldn't you agree?  indicating relationship),
part of a tract granted to Richard Adams, 5 Dec 1760, 300 acres.  Richard
Adams (R) w/ John Benett (I), James Adams (I), John Thomas.  Proven Oct
Term 1766.

Anson Co. DB 5/12, 25 Oct 1766, Richard Adams to John Bennett for 5
shillings, part of 300 acres granted 5 Dec 1760, same signature and
witnesses but add William Adams (A).

Anson Co. DB 5/ 14 25 Oct 1766, Richard Adams to James Adams, planter, for
5 shillings, 50 acres part of 300 acres granted 5 Dec 1760--w/ William
Adams, John Bennett, John Thomas.

18 Dec 1770, Mr. Robinson recommends Richard Adams to be exempt from public
taxation in Anson Co. among others.  Ordered that they be exempt.  (NC
Colonial Rec., VIII, p. 324.)

11 Nov 1772, Richard Adams to George Collins, K/335, land on the Pee 	Dee

Anson Co. DB K/84, Richard Adams to Jesse Wallis, land on Mountain 	Creek,
7 Apr 1773.

Anson Co. DB K/414, Richard Adams to Jacob Cockerham, land on Pee Dee
	River, 21 Jun 1773.

Anson Co. DB K/178, Richard Adams to Jesse Wallis, land on Crooked
	Creek, 29 Jun 1774.

DB K/ 271, Richard Adams to Thomas Mason, land on Pee Dee River, 8 Sep

23 Jul 1774, Thomas Adams, 100 acres in Anson Co. on S. Fork of Mountain
Creek, adj. Richard.

23 Jul 1774, William Adams, 100 acres in Anson Co. on S. Fork of Mountain
Creek joining Richard.  [John Mason and Jacob Cockerham lived adjacent to
Richard as well in the 1770's]

30 Dec 1776--Richard Adams of Guilford Co. in N.C., planter to William
Adams, son of the sd Richard Adams, of Anson Co. and in the province
aforesaid, planter of the other part, 45 pounds, NE side of Pee Dee South
side of the sd fork of Mountain Creek, part of a 200 acre tract granted to
Richard Adams by his majesty's letters patent--28 Apr 1763.
w/ Thomas Adams, James Connoway, William Bennett
					s/ Richard Adams, Amey Adams"

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