Photographs from the RUDGE Family Photo Album

What I am calling the Rudge Family Photo Album is actually an envelope of loose old photographs that are currently in an envelope entitled "Old Photographs: Coble Unknown relatives". (The original photos are currently in the possession of the Coble family and many of them were possessed at one time by Kenneth Wilson Jones.) There is no original order to them, so I have taken the liberty of grouping them by subject. Most do not have any writing on the back, but in the few cases where there is writing I have included it.

Many of the tintypes within this album are quite dark. With a little bit of judicious cropping and use of a computer program (Adobe Photoshop), it is possible to lighten a photo and heighten the contrast.

The photos in this collection are accordingly presented in two ways: Unaltered and Altered.

Last updated on 7 Aug 2010