Photographs from the RUDGE Family Photo Album Unaltered

These are unaltered versions of scanned images of the originals. Go here for versions that have been altered to lighten them and improve the contrast.

Louisa nee Mitchell Rudge (1822-1907)

Thomas George Rudge (1843-ca 1855)

John William Rudge (1849-1915)

Caroline Virginia nee Pae Rudge (1844-1922)

Bettie Louise Rudge (1871-1879)

Caroline Virginia nee Rudge Coble (1874-1962)

Lelia Munson nee Houston Brett Owen-Wilson (1876-1955)

Unidentified photos


Here is a photograph of Louisa nee Mitchell Rudge holding what appears to be one of her children. I think it looks more like her son John William Rudge than his brother (compare this photo with the one of John William and his brother Thomas George below). But I have no idea what her three daughters looked like at that age. It was taken ca. 1850 when the family was living in France.

This second photograph clearly indicates on the back that it was taken in Savannah, GA. It was probably taken shortly after she migrated there ca. 1880.

This third photograph is of Louisa when she was much older, ca. 1900.

THOMAS GEORGE RUDGE (1843-ca 1855)

In a letter written to me in 1983, a descendant of the Rudge family, Kenneth Wilson Jones mentions a photograph of John William Rudge and his older brother Thomas George Rudge, who died of cholera shortly before the family migrated from Europe to the United States.

LETTER FROM KENNETH WILSON JONES:"... As you already know our great grandfather (your great great) John William Rudge was born in Le Havre, (France) while his father was engaged as an engineer in the rebuilding of the port. I have a daguerrotype of him and his older brother Thomas taken there, probably in about 1852-1855." (letter from Kenneth Jones to David Rudge dated 20 Mar 1983)

I believe the tin-type on the left below is the photo Kenneth referred to, and the one on the right of it is a photo of Thomas George Rudge when he was slightly older. These photographs must both have been taken while the Rudge family was living in Nantes, France.


This is photo of John William Rudge (he appears on the left) that took place when he was in Confederate service, ca. 1863-1864. If it took place in Wilmington, as the writing on the back suggests, it was taken while a cabin boy on a blockade runner that ran out of Wilmington, North Carolina.

These next two photographs appear to have been taken prior to his marriage to Caroline Virginia nee Pae on 11 Oct 1870 .

The first of these next two photographs on the left below was taken with his wife Caroline Virginia nee Pae Rudge, perhaps at the time of their wedding on 11 Oct 1870. The one on the right was taken later. (Compare this second photograph with the one that appears on his Masonic plaque.)


Some stray numbers appear on the back of the first photograph. The two a photographs appear to have been taken about the same time, prior to her marriage with John William Rudge on 11 Oct 1870.


This is a photo of a girl previously identified in two photos as Bettie Louise Rudge, taken when she was just a couple of years old and thus presumably in Wilmington, N.C. ca. 1873.


These two photos were taken about the same time and the girl depicted appears to be the same as the girl in a previously identified photo of Carrie Virginia nee Rudge Coble. According to writing on the back of the first, it was taken in Monroe, NC ca. 1877.


This is a photo of Lelia taken about the time of her wedding on 10 Jan 1898. Compare the photo with the newspaper clipping supplied by her descendant, Dudley Flournay Brett Wiltshire.


This first intriguing photo was not in the envelope, but was in a box of photos from the Coble family. I had to angle the shot in order to capture it without the flash in my camera compromising it. The man appears to be holding civil engineering tools, which suggests it might by John Rudge (1822-1860) and was taken when he was in his early twenties, i.e. ca. 1845 (a previously identified photo of him taken ca. 1860 appears to the right). I see a resemblance with respect to their eyes.

A man in a suit [I considered the possibility it might be a railway uniform, but have been told by an expert it is probably not]. The man looks very similar to a man in a photo appearing in the Coble album taken in Richmond, VA that has the date "Nov. 14 1868", which is approximately the same date as Archibald Pae died (18 Nov 1868).

A baby. This is probably a photograph of one of John William and Caroline Virginia Pae Rudge 's children, and could be the only one of Archibald Clifton Rudge (1881-1881), but we will never know for certain.

An unidentified photo of a small child. The inscription on the back suggests it might be a Coble. He looks very similar to a photograph of David Lamar Coble at that age.

A photo of three girls.

What appears to be part of a class photograph.

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