Samuel PERSON'S Will, Moore Co. Will book A, pp 214-216.

"Samuel Person's Will
In the name of God Amen. I Saml. Person of Moore County and State of No. Carolina 
being of sound and perfect mind and memory, Blessed be God, do this nineteenth day 
of May in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and one do make and 
publish this my last will and testament in manner following that is to say First of all I 
lend to my wife Tabitha - Iade [?] and the children she bares and also the plantation 
whereon I now live During her lifetime or widowhood also one bed and all the 
household furniture the plantation tools two  horses namely Flint and Sirus three cows 
and calves her choice of the stock and after her decease either by death or marriage I 
will that such above mentioned Land be equally dividded as can be discressionary by 
my Executors between my two sons Thos. & Benjamin also one horse named Farlow 
to my son Thos. also one black fille named Diamond to my son Benjamin also one 
Cow and Calf to each of my sons afore mentioned. Also I bequeath to my son William 
sell that Part of Land on Fall Creek wheeon I formerly lived that lies in Moore County 
and Two negros by the name of Marry Lette and two cows and calves I also give and 
bequeath to my son Joseph John Person all the Lands I possess in Chatham County 
and two Negros by name Will and Silvey, also to two cows and calves and one colt 
apiece to my last mentioned sons the first that my mare poll brings to my son William 
and the next to my son Joseph John also I give and bequeath to my daughter Polley 
two negros to wit James and Filles and one bed and furniture also one cow and calf. I 
give and bequeath to my two sons first mentioned Thomas and Benjamin one negro 
apiece. Item [?] I give to my son Thos. and Phill. I give to Benjamin. I also give and 
bequeath to the child my wife is supposed to be with child all this time one negro 
Woman named Patti and after the right agreeable to my will which I have lent to my 
wife of negro woman named Judith to her [de]cease [?] also to the above mentioned 
Child. I also give and bequeath to my two sons Thos. and Benjamin Persons one 
negro woman named Selah. When my son Thomas arrives to the age of sixteen years 
and also from this time his increase if any and all the money in any house and all due 
by bond notes or otherwise and all my Wheat at fall creek and tobacco now growing 
here to be turned into Cash and out of that sum my debts to be paid and my taxes for 
Eighteen hundred the Balance of the money to be let out and upon Interest to be collect 
yearly such part as is necessary for the schooling of my Children the other part of my 
money still to continue upon Interest until my son Thos. comes to the age of twenty 
one years of age then to collect his part and is the others likewise all my hogs and all 
my sheep to be left for the use of my family my Black Smith tools and my waggon also 
to be for the use of the plantation the prophits arrising from the Lands on Fall Creek to 
pay the taxes yearly both of it and what I have given to my son Joseph John Person in 
Chatham the balance of the money still to be kept upon Interest until they arrive twenty 
one years of age then the profits arising from both places namely that on Fall Creek in 
Moore and that in Chatham County to be equally divided among them all the remainder 
of my cattle to continue here for the use of the family until the decease of my wife by 
death or by marriage and if anything be made at my home plantation over and above the 
support of my family and stock the money to be first Out upon Interest until my 
Children comes of age Lawfully that is to say Thos. and Benjamin Polley and that my 
wife is supposed to be with child with at this time things to be equally divided among 
them the waggon & smiths tools and all other planatation tools at the decease of my 
wife to be sold and the money Equally divided among all my Children and I hereby 
ordain my Friends Harrson Person my wife David Kennedy & Bryan Burroughs 
Executors of this my last will and testament set my hand and seal the day and year 
above written. Samuel Person (seal)
Signed sealed and returned in the presence of us. Attest. David Kannedy, B. 
Burroughs, Eli Lawles. 
Moore County Augt. session. 1801. The above will was duly proved in open Court by 
the oaths of Eli Lawles and Bryan Burroughs, Esq. and is ordered to be Recorded."

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