SCI 570           Issues in Evolution for Teachers                       Summer 2003


Instructor:                                                                                Class Meets:

Dr. David W. Rudge   (                 Jul 21-25  8:30-4:00 pm

Mr. Eric Howe            (                      1127 Wood Hall

Office: 3134 Wood Hall

Phone: 387-2779





            Your assignment is to create a modified version of the lesson plan that you and your classmates created as the microteaching assignment on Friday for a different grade level than the one you did together. This assignment should be done individually, not in groups.


Lesson plans should have the following nine sections: I. Subject/Topic; II. Rationale/Purpose; III. Learning Objectives; IV. Content; V. Description of Strategy or Activity; VI. Materials; VII. Plan for Individual Differences, VIII. Evaluation, IX. References. The lesson plan will be evaluated as follows:


I.  Subject/Topic: Curriculum area.. What will be taught in this lesson?

Grading Criteria:  Clear and concise, specifies topic and grade level. (Points Possible: 50 pts.)


II.  Rationale/Purpose;  Why should students learn this material?  What is the value to the student?

Grading Criteria:  How convincing is your argument?  (Points Possible: 80 pts.)


III.  Learning Objectives:  What will the student be able to understand or do after the lesson?

Grading Criteria:  Clear and defined objectives.  Are they reference to state objectives, Benchmarks, other sources? ?  (Points Possible: 50 pts.)


IV.  Content:  Outline form ...Detail the central points, questions and skills that will be emphasized.

Grading Criteria:  Are the essential points clear, what prior knowledge are you assuming? ?  (Points Possible: 60 pts.) 


V.  Strategies and Activities:   What will be done for, by and with the students in order to reach the objective(s)?

Grading Criteria:  How are you going to going to introduce the activity?  Manage the activity?  Wrap it up? ?  (Points Possible: 100 pts.)


VI.  Materials:  A check list of the items needed for the strategies and activities (include copies of handouts, etc.)

Grading Criteria:  Are all necessary materials listed? ?  (Points Possible: 40 pts.)


VII.    Plans for Individual Differences;  How will the lesson be adapted to meet the individual needs of various students in the class?

Grading Criteria:  List of ways that individuals with different learning styles will be supported by the lesson.  What are you going to do if half the class still doesn't understand at the end? ?  (Points Possible: 40 pts.)



VIII.  Evaluation:  How will students' progress based on objectives be determined? 

Grading Criteria:  Detailed description of what kind of follow-up you would plan for assessing student understanding.  Key question:  How are you going to know it when you see it? ?  (Points Possible: 50 pts.)


IX. A References section should include complete references for all sources you use. (10 pts.)


Are there spelling, grammar, and/or formating errors? (20 pts.)


The lesson plan should be submitted electronically to either Dave or Eric at the email addresses above by 8 Aug 2003.