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My fundamental goal as an instructor is to help students become independent critical thinkers. My curriculum development work has focused specifically on how inclusion of history and philosophy of biology can address misconceptions, and promote learning of science content and issues associated with the nature of science. A teaching portfolio summarizes my teaching experience. A list of courses I no longer teach is located here.

Undergraduate level:

Graduate level: On-line courses (offered via e-learning)
  • SCI 5700 Life Science for Teachers -last offered Fall 2013

  • SCI 5900 Earth Sciences for Teachers -last offered Summer I 2013

  • SCI 6145 Intro to Hist. & Phil. Of Sci. (this is an on-line equivalent of SCI 6140 for MA students only) -Spring 2014

  • SCI 6155 Sci. Ed.: History & Philosophy (this is an on-line equivalent of SCI 6150 for MA students only) -last offered Fall 2013

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