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Current courses (Spring 2018):

SPAN 3160 (CRN 13486)

SPAN 5400 (CRN 12567)


Courses Professor Vann has taught previously at WMU 

Spanish 6400 (Topics in Spanish Linguistics, grad course) 
     Spanish in Contact 
     Spanish Pragmatics
     Spanish Sociolinguistics 
     US Spanish
     General Survey of Spanish Linguistics

Spanish 6100 (Topics in Hispanic Culture, grad course) 
     Cortesa en la lengua española
     Lengua y cultura hispanas en EEUU
     Cultural History of the Spanish Language 

Spanish 6050 (Foundation in Spanish Linguistics)

Spanish 6070 (Variations and changes in Spanish)

Spanish 5400 (Studies in Spanish Linguistics, upper division) 
     Spanish Bilingualism Worldwide
     Spanish in the US
     Spanish Language and Contemporary Society

Spanish 4900 (Studies in Spanish Linguistics, upper division) 
    Spanish Language and Contemporary Society
    Spanish Bilingualism around the World
    History of the Spanish Language
    Spanish in the US 

Spanish 4530 (Advanced Spanish Conversation, upper division) 

Spanish 4520 (Advanced Spanish Grammar, upper division) 

Spanish 4100 (Studies in Hispanic Culture, upper division)

Spanish 3240 (Introduction to Spanish Linguistics)

Spanish 3170 (Spanish Conversation)

Spanish 3160 (Spanish Composition) 

Spanish 2010 (Intermediate Spanish II) 

Spanish 2000 (Intermediate Spanish I)

Spanish 1010 (Basic Spanish II) 

Spanish 1000 (Basic Spanish I) 


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