Human Resources and Management

In the future I hope to obtain a major in Human Resources and Management in order to promote a healthy and equal work place. A good Human Resources department will promote healthy relationships which will lead to an overall healthier work environment. "Healthy" is not a term used lightly in the work environment. "Relationships are - not surprisingly -enormously important for health, and there are lots of studies on the biological processes that account for the link between relationships and health." this was said by psychology professor Arthur Aron who has a PhD at New York Stony Brook University. Every business should have a successful and efficient Human Resources department. A Human Resources department could be a key player in conflict resolution. Just like in a group of friends, there will be conflicting personalities and work ethics among employees. The Human Resources department can act as a mediator, in order to resolve conflict and restore positive working relationships. A mediator would be there to smooth over work place arguments and disagreements (Mayhew). It is cost effective to have an efficient Human Resources department, as it can be linked to hiring less new or replacement workers. It will also cut down on training time or time spent looking for new workers. Time does equal money in the business world, so a quality Human Resource department would be saving both of these valuable intangible resources. High staff turnover rates can be costly as well, so hiring an adequate employee is also part of the Human Resource job(Mayhew). Another aspect where Human Resources is necessary is through the recruitment and training of new employees. Human Resource departments are in charge of designing the criteria necessary for wanted employees, and they are in charge of hiring the people who best fit the criteria. Training is necessary in order to develop employee skills and enhance their qualifications (Human Resource Excellence®). A successful business can only benefit from a successful Human Resource department. From work environment and work relationships, to business costs and employee quality, a Human Resource manager who knows what they are doing will bring positive things to the business.

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