THE EFFECTS OF INTERNET MARKETING


Small businesses, large businesses, corporations, E-businesses and many more all use marketing in some way or form. The use of marketing is one of the most important parts in a profit making business. It allows the company to reach out to customers and sell products to them and spread the company’s name and products all across the world like peanut butter on a piece of bread. There are many different branches of marketing but, more recently the most demanding title is internet marketing, due to increase use of technology and the internet.

Ever since the internet was created, technology has advanced so much and has become the most crucial and important dependence in our lives. Knowing this, companies and franchises have taken advantage of the in internet to create a perfect connection between them and their customers. I came across an article from The Wall Street Journal, it was about Web 2.0, it is the set of tools that allow marketers to build a social and business connection to the consumer, use information and collaborate on projects online. How is it used? It’s used through blogs, wikis, social-networking sites and other online communities, and virtual worlds.  The main effect is to build a relationship and to not only market your product but to make sure your consumer knows you and your company’s reason for reaching out to the consumer. Doing so will create a bond or mutual connection that can later be used for the sale of products, in other words money!! “The conversations consumers have with each other some of the most interesting insights, including gift ideas for specific occasions, such as a college graduation, and the prices consumers are willing to pay for different gifts.” (SALVATORE PARISE , PATRICIA J. GUINAN and BRUCE D. WEINBERG, 2008).




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