Collegiate Objective
     Not only am I persuing college to earn a degree that will keep my finanacially stable, but I am also attending college to gain the college experience. Since I have started college, I have noticed a change in myself; I have grown as a person and was able to find myself and have learned to accept and be happy with the person I have become. An education is important to me because I want to be able to persue my dreams of being a successful business women in the hopes of being able to provide for myself and my future family. I want to be able to live my life without worrying about financial issues and also be able to persue my travel plans. I picture myself happy with my future career and will enjoy waking up every morning to see friendly coworkers and doing a job I enjoy doing every day.
     I want to be able to gain all the knowledge I will need to perform and perfect the future job that I am seeking. I want to become an expert in the field that I choose to start my career in and college is the place I see best fit to get my foot in the door to begin my career. Business in today's world expect nothing less than perfect and I fully intend to be a perfect employee and student while studying all about and enjoying the profession I choose. By surrounding myself with people who also have the same academic intentions as myself, I will be able to see myself and friends succeed in the courses needed to excel in the business profession field. Team work is important to me as well, because the more ideas that people have, the more successful I can become and the greater I will be able to excel in my career path. I have great determination to become successful in life because I do not want to see myself struggle just to survive like I have seen in my past through friends and family.