Collegiate Objective

I am entering Western Michigan University as a transfer student with an academic status of a junior. On a personal level I am attempting to discover myself and understand why I am the way I am, along with understanding other individuals and why they are the way they are. It is true that I want to obtain the credentials that will excel me in the workforce but I believe that college is the time to dig deeper and go beyond the classroom, not only become more aware of myself, but the world around me. I know there will be ups and downs along the way but I am certain my true friends and mentors will guide me and encourage me to grow into a woman who will change the world. Overall I hope to find a new me that will continuously be bettering myself and the society I live in.
On a professional level, I want to learn the most information I can, not only to maintain a career but excel in my profession. One of my scholarly goals is to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or better during my semesters here at Western. Along with academics I will begin networking with women in my sorority and individuals within my human resource management organization. I will be surrounding myself with people who want to obtain goals similar to my own. I hope that within these next few years I will be able to overcome procrastination, improve my punctuality, and broaden my spectrum of knowledge. I know I will succeed because I know what I want to achieve in life and I am not letting anything get in my way. When I graduate there will be employers pursuing me to begin the next chapter in my life.