Collegiate Objective

When I entered college, almost 5 years ago, I was very uncertain about which direction I wanted to head. I was hoping to find the answer to that in my first year at a community college. After 2 years at Schoolcraft College I transferred to Western Michigan University where I found my place in the business college in the advertising and promotions program.  This is where I wish to obtain a degree and place myself in a professional field that will utilize both my skills and interests.

Now, I find myself wanting to learn not just what’s offered in the classroom, but more importantly about me as an individual. I want to develop the person I am, figure out exactly what interests me and what does not, and find my purpose and develop my own personal goals. College, for me, is where I wish to do all of this. Many would sum this up all by using words like “maturing” and “growing up”. Yes, they are correct in saying that, but I would consider this much more than that. I would say this is more of a learning experience; a learning experience about who I am as an individual and where I place in this world.