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Program Evaluation (HPER 6440) T 5:00-7:30p, SRC3014

NASPE Stars Program
NASPE Appropriate Practices
SBE Policy on QPE
Qualified Physical Education Teachers
Michigan Exemplary PE Awards
Michigan Blue Ribbon Schools
WMU Evaluation Center
Kev Eval Checklist (Retrieved August 30, 2005 , from The Evaluation Center, Evaluation Checklists Web site [see above])
What the program eval standards say about designing evaluations


(Retrieved August 30, 2005 , from The Evaluation Center Web site http://www.wmich.edu/evalctr/jc/)

Reflection rubric
Task1 scoring guide
Task2 scoring guide
Task3 scoring guide
Task4 scoring guide
Tasks5&6 scoring guide
Task7 scoring guide
Task8 scoring guide
Task9 scoring guide
Final report scoring guide


Intro to Program Eval (ppoint)
Alternative Assessments I
Alternative Assessments II
Evaluation Request & Responsibilities
Set Boundaries, Evaluate the Context
Identify & Select Evaluation Qs
Planning How to Conduct Evaluation


Methods of Fitness Education (HPER 640) R 6:00-9:00p

Plan of action rubric
Plan of action assessment plan rubric
Plan of action presentation rubric
Reflection rubric
CV concepts (K-6)
MUSC concepts (K-6)



Foundations of HR Fitness (ppoint)
HR Fitness components

Student Teaching Seminar (HPER 4100) M 5:00-6:30, SRC 3012

ST manual
Mentor manual

2150 14-wk links

(bring from above after semester over)

Cardiovascular/Muscular Fitness
Body Composition/Nutrition
Health Benefits of Physical Activity (Corbin & Pangrazi, 1994a)
Surgeon Generals Report on Physical Activity and Health (Corbin & Pangrazi, 1994b)
Healthy People 2010 (USDHHS, 2000)
Health Benefits of Physical Activity During Childhood and Adolesence (Bar-Or)
Youth Physical Activity Recommendations 2005

STARS preliminary summary

Skills and Instruction of Tennis (HPER 112) M,W 8:00-9:40a

Group notebook rubric
Skills test protocol and components
358 Sample Fitness Task Sheet

Slides from 3/29 class (6310) were incomplete; please review this presentation carefully:

Motor Control Training Adaptations