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2013 Institute Of Medicine Report:
Educating the Student Body: Taking PA & Physical Education to School

AAHPERD Health-Related Fitness Assessment Infographic

Presidential Youth Fitness Program

2012 Shape of the Nation Report: Status of PE in the US

Keeping Our Kids Healthy

Fun Nutrition Information for children

Kids' Nutrition Resource (CulinarySchools.org)

Fitnessgram HFZ information
HFZ Chart: All tests
Aerobic Capacity Lookup Charts

Surgeon General's Vision for a Fit Nation 2010

Michigan Merit Curriculum

NASPE Appropriate Practices (2009) :


American Heart Assoc. PE Fact Sheet

American Heart Assoc. PE In Schools Pos. Statement

2008 Physical Activity Guidelines



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Objectives for MTTC test #44 (PE) Study guide for certification test

MTTC Information

Resource for APA format

AAHPERD Membership


NASPE Physical Activity/Fitness Recommendations for Professionals

NASPE Model School Policies on Physical Activity & Nutrition

Michigan Standards-related information

NASPE K-12 Standards

2008 NASPE Beginning Teacher Standards

NASPE Advanced Standards

2004 CDC Report on HS Physical Education Participation>

NASPE Teacher Evaluation Tool (2007)

PE Curriculum Analysis Tool (PECAT, 2006)

Healthy People 2010

BMI Calculator

Obesity Trends (2010)

Youth Physical Activity Recommendations 2005

Youth Physical Activity Recommendations 2005: Commentary

F as in Fat Report (2008)

AHA Scientific Statement: Promoting PA in Children/Youth

Teen/Child BMI Calculator

Small Steps to Improving Your Health

Baltimore Sun article: Let's Get Children Moving...

Relationship between Fitness/Academic Achievement in CALIF


MyPyramid.org FOR KIDS (6-11 yrs)

Lifestyle P.E. aids overall health

Interactive video games increase physical activity

Risk for developing obesity across the lifespan