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          I believe that a classroom is a community, within the school community.  Therefore it is essential that as a community, my students and I come up with the rules and consequences that will govern our community together.
          I feel that when students are a part of the rule and consequence making process, they take greater pride in their community because they are active members as opposed to figurative ones.
          I also believe that learning is a never-ending process; which, through education, every student has the right to.  It is a process, as well, that no other student has the authority to interfere with. 
Therefore it is imperative for my students to not only respect others, but to also respect themselves; as well as to show tolerance for cultural, political, religious and other differences.
          I realize however that, no community is without occasional disagreements or disruptions.  But it is how its members deal with those disagreements and disruptions that keep the community together. 
          In order to keep the community together, it is important for students to know their tolerance levels.  It is also important that they have an appropriate plan of action to deal with the situation should their tolerance levels be exceeded.  



I would like to thank you for visiting my classroom website. It is my goal to try and provide both useful information and resources that I feel will be of great assistance to you.

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