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Elke Schoffers, Ph.D.
We congratulate David Sellers who is an NSF GRFP Fellow!
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Kalamazmoo Local Section of the American Chemical Society(KACS)


Professor at WMU
Past-Chair of Kalamazoo ACS Local Section (KACS)

Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences
Western Michigan University, 1903 W. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5413, Campus Site: 3148 Wood Hall

Office Phone: (269) 387-2265 
FAX: (269) 387-2909
Lab Phone: (269) 387-2246
Office Hours:
Are held in Conference Rm. 3201 (Chem. Bldg.) on MW 2-3 PM or by appointment
Undergraduate Advising:
Beginning September 8, 2014, M 3-4 PM, in 2220 Cheistry Bldgl; visit here for details.

Upcoming KACS Event:
Dr. Ken Fivizzani will present on chemical safety on Tuesday, September 23, 6 PM at the Dow Science Lecture Hall at Kalamazoo College. Look for details at

KACS News:
KACS launched a new website at
Please note that the 2013"Elements of Dance" event was a finalist for a 2014 ChemLuminary Award and won! Details will follow.
See for more details. New pictures have been posted, too.

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    Recent Publication:
    Elke Schoffers "Tanzelemente" Nachrichten aus der Chemie, 2013, 61 (4), 422-423. [Historical description of how chemists were associated with progress after the invention of gas lighting that illuminted city streets and made them safer.]

Lars Kohler, Elke Schoffers, Erin Driscoll, Matthias Zeller and Carla Schmiesing “First isolation of disubstituted cis-5,6-dihydro-1,10-phenanthrolines. Lipase-mediated resolution of cis and trans phenoxy alcohol isomers and assignment of absolute stereochemistry via CD and NMR” Chirality , 2012, 24 (3), 245-251.

    We congratulate Ph.D. student David Sellers for becoming a National Science Foundation fellow.
    Critical Comment: New Details on Legume-Rhizobial Symbioses as part of the Rossbach-Schoffers collaboration
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MW 2-3 PM in 3201 Conference Rm, Chemistry Bldg, and by appointment


CHEM 3750 Organic Chemistry (Fall 2014)
Course Syllabus here
Chapter 1, see syllabus
Chapter 2 HW #1-19, 20-28, 32-40, 44, 47, 51, 55
Chapter 3 HW #1-5, 7-23, 25, 26, 29, 31, 34-37, 39, 41, 47, 49

CHEM 3760 Organic Chemistry Lab (Fall 2014)
Lab Course Syllabus here

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