Group News
  Join me in congratulating Ph. D. student David Sellers who received a National Science Foundation GRFP Fellowship.

It was very nice to meet up again with my former advisor Professor Iwao Ojima over a reunion dinner (photo here) at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia (Prof. Iwao Ojima Website) (far right). It was also great to see familiar faces again, like Stephanie Sen (to my left), Stephan Brandstadter (to my right) and Songnian Lin (far left).


Summer Research:
In June we welcomed new undergraduate researchers: Cameron Lafayette (from K-College) joined the group as an REU student; Angela Kennedy (WMU) participated via the HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) program while Chaz Hyatt pursued research in our lab for his K-College "Senior Individualized Project" (SIP). Roxana Manta-Bielanski began a new synthesis project while Rebecca Monterusso, Marcus Moses and Jackson Whitcomb continued their ongoing projects.

  Congratulations to Rebecca Monterusso for becoming a 2012 Chemistry Scholarship Recipient by obtaining the "Colonel Charles E. Bayliss Scholarship".
  Rebecca Monterusso became a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Congratulations!
  Congratulations go to Rebecca Monterusso and Marcus Moses for receiving a "College of Arts and Sciences Research and Creative Activities Award" (Spring 2012)
  We congratulate graduate student David Sellers for becoming a father on his birthday!
  Join me to congratulate Lars Kohler (2011 Ph.D. graduate student), Erin Driscoll (2010 WMU REU student) and the other coauthors for our recent publication in Chirality, titled "“First isolation of disubstituted cis-5,6-dihydro-1,10-phenanthrolines. Lipase-mediated resolution of cis and trans phenoxy alcohol isomers and assignment of absolute stereochemistry via CD and NMR.” Chirality , 2012, 24 (3), 245-251.
  Dr. Schoffers' promotion from "Associate Professor" to "(Full) Professor" was approved by the Board of Trustees on June 9, 2011. She thanks everyone who reviewed and evaluated her dossier.
  Summer Research:
We welcome David Sellers as a new graduate student. The group also welcomes new undergraduate researchers this summer: Jennifer Meloche joins us via the REU program. Marcus Moses and Jackson Whitcomb became HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institue) fellows in our lab. Additional program information is here. Follow their work on facebook here. Rindy and Kelsey Darlington joined just recently.
  We thank the WMU Research Office for the "Faculty Research and Creative Activities Award (FRACAA)" to fund the “Chemical Synthesis of Specific Inosamine Derivatives”.
  Kim Lien Huynh became a Pfizer intern for the summer months.
  Lars' Ph.D. work was officially approved during commencement on April 30, 2011. Congratualtions Dr. Lars Kohler!
  March 18, 2011: Lars Kohler successfully defended his dissertation titled "Preparation of 1,10-Phenanthroline Derivatives with B-ring Functionalization and Their Application".
  Our collaborative publication with Prof. Rossbach received a special highlight in the journal "Microbe".
  We thank the WMU Research Office for the "Support for Faculty Scholars Award (SFSA)" to fund “Novel Sensors Based on 1,10-Phenanthroline”.
  Congratulations to Kim Huynh for being included on the Fall 2010 Dean's List for the sixth time in a row.
  We welcome Rebecca Monterusso to the group who is a Medallion Scholarship recipient.
  Join us to congratulate Lars Kohler for receiving the Gwen Frostic Doctoral Fellowship.

We congratulate Kim Huynh for receiving the American Chemical Society Analytical Award.

  Lars Kohler is the recipient of the WMU Doctoral Completion Fellowship.
  Dr. Schoffers received the "Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award" from the WMU Department of Chemistry.
  We welcome Kim Huynh to the group who is a Kalamazoo Promise recipient.
  We congratulate Lars Kohler for receiving the "Department Graduate Research and Creative Scholar Award".

Dr. Schoffers was recognized as “Outstanding Faculty of the Center for Academic Support Programs”  by the WMU Academic Skills Center

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