Graduate: David Sellers (NSF Fellow) and Dominic Millheim
Undergraduate: Marcusl Moses, Jackson Whitcomb, Rebecca Monterusso, Roxana Manta-Bielanski, Angela Kennedy, Chaz Hyatt, and Cameron Lafayette
  September 2012

Congratulations to David L. Sellers who became an NSF Graduate Research Fellow.

  August 2012

Angela Kennedy at 2012 HHMI Poster Session

  April 2012
Congratulations to Rebecca Monterusso, the recipient of the 2012 Colonel Charles E. Bayliss Scholarship, and David Sellers, the recipient of the 2012 PECRAS Award (Program for Excellence in Chemical Research and Scholarship Award).
  March 2012

(To the power of TWO!)
David became a father on his birthday. Congratulations!
Left to right: David Sellers, Marcus Moses, Dr. Schoffers, Rebecca Monterusso, Jackson Whitcomb

  August 2011

2011 HHMI Poster Session. Shown are HHMI and REU Students with Dr. Schoffers (left to right): Jackson Whitcomb (HHMI), Marcus Moses (HHMI) and Jennifer Meloche (REU) in Haenicke Hall Atrium

July 2011
  Left to right: Dr. Schoffers, Toni Whaley, Jackson Whitcomb (HHMI), Jennifer Meloche (REU), David Sellers, Rindy, Marcus Moses (HHMI), Kelsey Darlington, Lars Kohler
February 2011

Left to right: Dr. Schoffers, Toni Whaley, Kim Huynh, Petra Kohler (BIOS), Rebecca Monterusso, Lars Kohler

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Congratulations! Lars completed his Ph.D. work. Among others, he has prepared several new phenanthroline metal complexes and analyzed their crystal structures. Another aspect addressed the optoelectronic properties of specific derivatives in which the conjugated system of phenanthroline was extended. Lars also applied enzymes as reagents to prepare single phenanthroline stereoisomers via kinetic resolution, as seen below. Lars is currently a postdoc with Prof. Randy Thummel and the University of Houston.
Preparation of Enantiopure Phenanthroline Derivatives
methanol (2a), ethanol (2b), 1-propanol (2c), 2-propanol (2d), 1-butanol (2e), 1-butanol (2e), 2-butanol (2f), tert-butanol (2g), allyl alcohol (2h), benzyl alcohol (2i), cyclohexanol (2j)
Elke Schoffers, Lars Kohler; "Efficient alcoholysis of 5,6-dihydro-1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-epoxide with ytterbium(III) triflate and subsequent enantioselective transesterification with lipases." Tetrahedron: Asymmetry2009, 20, 1897-1902.
Lars Kohler, Elke Schoffers, Erin Driscoll, Matthias Zeller and Carla Schmiesing “First isolation of disubstituted cis-5,6-dihydro-1,10-phenanthrolines. Lipase-mediated resolution of cis and trans phenoxy alcohol isomers and assignment of absolute stereochemistry via CD and NMR” Chirality , 2012, 24 (3), 245-251.

Toni's project focuses on measuring the acidity constants of 1,10-phenanthroline derivatives. The diimino moiety of the parent compound is very important for the interaction with metals. Once the B-ring is functionalized and the hybridization changed from sp2 to sp3, the N,C,C,N dihedral angle changes and, thus, affects the donor properties of each nitrogen.

Rebecca is pursuing majors in Biochemistry and Spanish, and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. For her project, Rebecca is comparing the reactivity of 1,10-phenanthroline derivatives as free ligands versus that of their metal complexes. She is assessing the crude product obtained after using household bleach to make the epoxide below.

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