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This page contains information for both current and prospective internship employers.

Thank you for providing a WMU journalism student the opportunity to work in your news organization. We want to provide feedback to students to help them continue to grow in their writing, reporting and work skills. Your input is also an important part of determining a student's final grade. All journalism majors are required to complete an internship in order to graduate with a journalism degree from WMU.

Please take a moment to fill out this Employer Feedback Form. Student interns will not receive credit for an internship without this completed form. We encourage you to share your comments with your student intern. Contact the WMU School of Communication at 387-3130 with any questions.

You may email the form to the journalism internship advisor, fax it to the School of Communication at 387-3990 or mail it to:

Journalism Internship Advisor, School of Communication, WMU
3rd floor Sprau Tower
Kalamazoo, MI   49008-5318

The WMU journalism faculty of the School of Communication



Thank you for your interest in partnering in the education of a Western Michigan University journalism student. We want to assist you in the selection and hiring of our students. We also want to ensure that all WMU students work in a safe, supportive and instructive work atmosphere. Below is information that we hope assists you in hiring promising journalism students from the WMU School of Communication.

Please contact the WMU School of Communication at 387-3130 to connect with the current Journalism Internship Advisor, who can help answer any of your questions.

Q: How do I find a WMU journalism intern?
A: Contact the faculty internship advisor for leads on interested and qualified students. We can post your position online to notify all journalism or School of Communication students of the opportunity, or tailor the posting to your candidate criteria.

Q: What are my obligations as an employer hiring a WMU intern?
A: We ask that you fill out a student performance evaluation at the end of the student's internship. It is a one-page form that asks you to assess the work quality and work ethic of the student and is one important factor in deciding a student's letter grade. A faculty advisor will often also contact you during the student’s internship to assess how the internship is progressing. You should feel free to contact the journalism internship advisor at any time during an internship with concerns or questions or feedback.

Q: What sorts of news outlets hire WMU journalism students?
A: Our students must write for a news organization - that can be online, print, radio, television. Students have landed positions with a variety of internship programs, including the Detroit News, Grand Rapids Press, the Kalamazoo Gazette, WWMT, WMUK, WKZO, their hometown news outlets and regional and national magazines.

Q: Must WMU journalism internships be paid?
A: No. It helps the student and remunerates them for their work, but it is not required.

Q: How many hours can journalism students work each week?
A: Journalism internships typically range between 8 and 20 hours a week. Most students are also taking courses while interning, so hours are often worked out between an employer and a student intern.

Q: I want an employee I can count on, not someone I have to teach all the time. What can I expect from a WMU journalism intern?
A: Interns should be expected to be capable of doing basic news writing and reporting. All journalism students have been taught basic AP style and grammar and advanced news writing and reporting. Some students are highly qualified and will be able to produce several stories a week with accomplishment.


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