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  • Start early. Internships for summer are often selected by Nov. 15 of the prior year. If you are a sophomore majoring in journalism, it is not too early to start thinking about where you would like to apply and learning about what that news organization wants in terms of clips. This will allow you to start working toward that number of clips through freelancing or applying to write on the staff of the Western Herald.

  • Apply to many places. There are obviously going to be some outlets that are easier and more economical for you, but apply to others that might be out of our area or out of your comfort zone.

  • Consider applying to your hometown news outlets. Many community news outlets welcome journalism students to work in their newsroom; some pay, some do not, but the experience can be invaluable. Smaller news outlets tend to require that every staffer do it all, from photography to reporting to layout in the case of a newspaper, for example. This can be a wonderful experience.

  • Create your own position. Do not be deterred by the fact that a news outlet may not have a formal internship program. Present your work portfolio and your resume and offer your talent through a cover letter. Be sure to solicit a position in writing and not over the phone. You should always follow up with a phone call to make sure the organization got your materials and when you might check in again regarding a response to your inquiry.

  • Be persistent. One letter without a follow-up email or call is easily ignored. Remember, potential employers are looking for tenacity in their applicants - those are the folks they hire.

  • E-Applications: Consider taking the time to craft an e-application -- a website featuring your work portfolio, resume and bio. It’s often a great way to showcase your multimedia skills and it’s inexpensive to send out many at once. But, since it is also easy for an editor to delete it from his or her inbox, follow up with a hardcopy of your work as well.

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