Collegiate Objective   
On a personal level, I am at WMU to learn more about myself, grow as a person, and find a career that I am interested in to make a difference in the world and my community. Some people say that when you are looking into a career, try to find  a career that will "bring you in a lot of money" but in my career seeking. I am not only looking for money, but looking for a career that I am happy and comfortable to work in for the rest of my life. College is not all about education, but is about friendships you have built, lives you have impacted, and to help find your purpose in life. Although we do make mistakes, and the decisions that we make from time to time aren't the best. It is our job that we learn from them and continue to move forward for a successful future.

On a professional level. I want to have enough education to start my own business to impact the lives of others. I will join different business organizations to surround myself with people that have similar visions and keep a 3.0 GPA. Now, for some of you that may be low and you may ask the question, "why not a higher GPA?". My answer to that question would be, "I can absolutely set my goal for a higher GPA, but school has not always been the best of interests. So I set a goal that I know for a fact that I can achieve and if I reach higher, that is always great." I have always been determined to acheive my academic goals through out school, and I have always done so. I carried the same determination when I entered college and plan on having the same determination when I leave out of college.