Here is a research analysis paper concerning the Safety of WMU students living on campus.



      Western Michigan University has been up and running since 1904. I have never heard a negative complaint concerning safety here at WMU since I have been alive to know right from wrong. Knowing that you’re safe on a college campus is a key to being successful because no one wants to walk around worrying about being in danger on a day to day basis. Living on college campus is getting you away from home, into an environment that is very unfamiliar. As a WMU student living on campus coming from different places in the world to live in Kalamazoo; safety should be the number one concern they should be stress free about. The importance of safety should be addressed at all times, especially living in dormitories supplied by the university. If it takes new locks, new buildings, or even changing different strategies to make it a safe environment. Something should be done to make sure the needs are met for a safe environment.

       According to the Eielson Air Force Base Alaska dormitory suites have started using a card swipe system that will use resident’s common access cards instead of the normal key routine “With better card swipe entry, there will be better key control, more security and will overall be more cost effective” (Rachelle 2009).  A system like this could definitely be used to ensure that campus life would be safe, because we would be the only ones who have access to our rooms. We wouldn’t have to worry about a key or worrying about if the doors are really secure at night. “With the new program, we can see who entered a room and when,” (Tech Sgt 2009). Which could cut down on a lot of safety issues and could also be more “cost affective” (Rachelle 2009).

         WMU is not a bad place to be, but just like any other college it has things that it can work on. Talking among some students here at WMU about the safety issues in there resident hall wasn’t all bad, but they did have a few negative comments concerning the dormitory locks. Some people felt like the locks should be change, or maybe if the buildings get rebuild they will get new locks. Having a safe environment on campus, means being safe from ALL aspects. According to the journal of Hebei Energy Institute of Vacation and Technology “Dormitory security management has become increasingly important. To ensure the safety of students' dormitory, it is necessary to improve management accountability, improve safety awareness among students, improve the safety management of the system, and constantly improve the students' dormitory facilities. In this way we can give students a safe place to study and to live in” (ZHAO Yu-fa 2009-02). Locks may have been over looked because people may have felt that it has not been a big issue because no one talked about it. Or it may have not been a big issue because not a lot of crimes were happening in residence life so they never thought about changing them. A statement by Lennisha Bell was made, and it said “I leave my door unlock most of the time because my lock barely works, the key is either always getting stuck or is never working.”

       Dr. Dunn, when I heard that statement it made me think about how long a change has been made with the locks here at WMU. But just think about it, would you want your son, daughter, niece or nephew to encounter this situation all because of no change? I would hope your answer is no because it would not be fair to them. Locks can cause a big safety hazard, we are among thousands of people on campus and we never know who we may run into. We do not know the background of every individual at WMU, they could be an ex killer, ex rapist, ex molester, etc. So we have to make sure that every aspect of safety is covered, weather we think it’s a big deal or not.

        As Barlow, Fiona, and Paul Wolfson did a survey on female psychiatric in- patients they discovered that “Fifty-three female in-patients of a psychiatric hospital were interviewed to obtain their views on their own safety and security, and what improvements they would recommend. Most had experienced sexual harassment and a few had been victims of sexual assault. There was a reluctance to report incidents to staff. The majority felt that female-only wards would improve safety. Other recommendations included higher staffing levels, more staff awareness and vigilance, and single rooms with curtains on the doors” (270-272). The front doors of the halls in Valley II are always unlocked until after 9pm. So from the time we get up until 9pm anyone could have walked through those front doors and caused everyone to be in danger. That’s why if we change a couple rules and strategies on how to prevent crimes and keep the Resident Halls safe. It would make the environment feel like a much safer place as a whole.

              President Dunn, I know you really care about students and their education and I know you do everything you can to make this a great environment for the students here at WMU. All I ask is that you take time out to check the methods of safety that you provide on campus.  “A private contractor provides annual loss-prevention surveys and detailed safety reports for buildings at every CUNY campus” (Dodson, Ann Elizabeth, and Esther Hundley 34-36), which was a method they went by to keep a safe environment at City University of New York. According to the University of Louisville, they took on “crime prevention projects “these include dormitory security, new student orientation, female safety and security, office and classroom security, displays, and crime prevention workshops (D P Keller, J G Elder , and J W Nolte 119) to prevent crimes from happening on campus.

           We do not have to totally change the methods that are in place, but at least try to pin point methods that would work for our University. I can only imagine how being president at a University could be, I’m pretty sure it is a huge responsibility and you deal with a lot of complaints. Just please consider the restructuring or even getting a new security system in different resident halls to make WMU a safer environment. The safer the environment, the less stress it would bring to students because the less they would have to worry about.  So Dr. Dunn I asked that you at least take the time out to listen to the voices of your students, to meet the needs for safety.


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